Radiocentre Ireland has been launched to promote the effectiveness of radio/audio to brands, advertisers and agencies in the Republic of Ireland.

Radiocentre Ireland,a newly formed body brought together by RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, teamed up with ourselves to develop a vibrant digital brand launch that could be used across web and physical events to enable them to showcase the power of radio & audio as a medium.


Ciaran Cunningham - Power of Audio Event


With over 3.2 million Irish adults listening to the radio every single day, the brand led with a more youthful visual language to better reflect the changing demographics of listeners across Ireland.

"Audio is theatre of the mind, there are endless ways to create something unique that resonates with audiences of all ages."

Ciarán Cunningham CEO - Radiocentre Ireland

Bespoke Irish Research

In an era of endless choices for brands & agencies to spend their marketing budgets, Radiocentre Ireland will be commissioning bespoke research to measure the effectiveness of radio & audio in Ireland to demonstrate its return on investment.

According to similar studies in the UK, for every £1 spent by advertisers on radio & audio, on average they get a return on investment of £7.70. The Irish research will look to validate, measure and build trust in the medium to help increase its share of marketing budgets.




The site provides access to special events, latest trends & research reports in order to provide a depth of trustworthy information for brands, advertisers & agencies on the reach and impact of radio & audio as a marketing medium across Ireland.

WONDR is proud to be the winner of Best eCommerce Website at the 25th Annual Spider Awards.

The award recognised the beauty, uniqueness and quality of our delivery for Likha Aesthetic Clinic. This award-winning site has a rich immersive brand experience that was refined using AI testing tools during the design process.

"This award 🥇 recognises that we created something special with intelligence and skill that delivers business results that matter."

Dr Juliah Tbarani Founder - Likha Aesthetic Clinic

As the longest-running digital awards programme in Ireland, the Spiders are dedicated to recognising companies and individuals delivering digital excellence.

WONDR was shortlisted for 3 awards and collected the prestigious award on the night for Best eCommerce Website in Ireland.

eCommerce branding enables businesses to lead with relevance, purpose and character. In doing so it acts as a breakwater, protecting businesses from commoditisation in the digital space.

Oisín Hurst Director of Creative Brand Strategy

Serial Award Winner

This prestigious award follows on from Likha Aesthetic Clinic’s recent success at the international Vega Design Awards where it won best website in beauty & cosmetics. has also picked up global award for ‘Mobile Excellence‘ and an Honorable Mention from Awwwards as well as a Special Kudos award from CSSDA.

Founded in 2019, the clinic has also won Best Aesthetic Clinic in Ireland two years in a row, as well as a Patient Service Award from What Clinic for outstanding customer reviews two years in a row.

WONDR is proud to announce that it is now a member of ADG-FAD (Asociación de diseñadores gráficos y directores de arte)

The ADG-FAD (Associació de dissenyadors gràfics i directors d’art) are based in Barcelona, Spain and for more than 50 years, its goal has been to promote design and visual communication in Spain’s cultural and economic life.

"We're proud to be part of such a significant association & look forward to contributing to the design community in Barcelona."

Dermot O'Shea Founder - WONDR

11Onze  x  WONDR  x  Barcelona

WONDR’s collaboration with 11Onze, to foster and grow a fintech community, shares similar values with ADG-FAD of empowering the community with insightful knowledge to enable them to develop further.

First-ever Fintech Private Social Network

The WONDR team plan on sharing our knowledge and expertise with the design community in Spain, especially insights on how we collaborated with 11Onze to create ‘First-ever Fintech Private Social Network‘ in Barcelona.

We recently collaborated with the Deluxe Group to help them launch Pub Óg, an authentic miniature pub experience, handcrafted in Ireland.

Pub Óg creates a personal pub space where memories are created and stories told. Using local materials to craft the interior and artefacts from Ireland’s heritage of beer and spirits, it aims to create the most authentic of pub experiences for you to be host of your own special snug.

Wherever you are in the world, the sweet earthy scent of burning peat will transport you home transported to Ireland.




Pub Óg is the perfect miniature Irish pub with a working bar and an undercounter fridge that holds two kegs. Each Pub Óg has a Smart TV with remote and a sound system for entertainment. There is an overdoor fan and heater suitable for all climates, stable door, windows, outdoor shelves, shingle roof, outdoor and indoor lighting.

It's fantastic to help bring a premium Irish brand to life, especially one that has such a unique and compelling proposition.

Oisín Hurst Director of Creative Brand Strategy

Marketers spend hours trying to grow sales and optimise Google and Facebook ad spends. The solution is Optily, a smart platform that automatically organises and optimises digital advertising campaigns.

To help them launch this innovative new platform, the team at Optily (formally Bionic) tasked WONDR to realise a 360° rebrand, encompassing naming, identity, visual language and digital experience to the US market.

We built a platform by strategically blending user experience and brand storytelling. Turning our attention to the digital experience, we saw an opportunity to take our brand concept of delving deeper and transform it into an engaging, interactive experience.

In addition to product, case study and pricing pages, a robust digital publishing system was incorporated into the website. This provides the brand with an editorialised platform through which to house and share the latest in industry insights and opinions.

Discover more details on the Optily Case Study here.

We recently defined the digital brand experience for Likha Aesthetic Clinic and launched a new website that has received top industry awards & feedback from all over the world.

We’re proud to announce that the website has won recognition for ‘Mobile Excellence‘ from the global awards platform Awwwards (the no.1 organisation for recognising the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world).

In addition to this, the site also picked up awards from CSSDesignAwards and another from Awwwards for UX & UI design.


The challenge for this brief was to create an experience that focused on the calibre of the treatments, whilst using innovative design & animation techniques to make people feel comfortable, regardless of their age or beauty.

As with all our projects, we lead with a mobile-first approach that has AI integrated into our process. This allows us to test and evaluate designs in real-time using data that matches the behaviour of over 93% of humans.

Whilst we put a lot of effort into the mobile experience, the desktop experience isn’t bad either 😜.


A detailed cases study for Likha Aesthetic Clinic will follow soon.

Optily (formally Bionic) is the only single-click ad spend optimizer for eCommerce. Their platform assists eCommerce businesses in spending smarter with instant recommendations across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube & Google Display Network.

To help them launch this innovative new platform and expand into the US market, the team at Bionic tasked WONDR to help them realise a 360° rebrand, encompassing naming, identity, visual language and digital experience.

We've been collaborating with Optily for a while now, so we know well what the product can do for brands. This made it easier for us to deliver a new platform that will help them expand globally.

Oisín Hurst Director of Brand Strategy

The result is a new digital platform that has been built on WONDR’s CMS which enables the Optily team to editorialise their site as they see fit. WONDR also provided a design system that inspired and guided Optily’s internal teams. It is now used as a guide to design their wider suite of products, from videos to social advertising.

You can see the full details of the project here.

Arnotts are a well known Irish brand who have been around for a long time but with a little help from ourselves at WONDR, they have significantly increased their online revenue while transitioning to a new e-commerce​ system.

While many e-commerce projects focus on the system, we as a team also spent a significant amount of time focused on the role that the brand needed to play. Our Director of Creative Brand Strategy, Oisín Hurst, reflected on what it took to revamp the brand through the new ‘Salesforce E-Commerce Cloud’ platform.

Where did you start?

From a creative standpoint, working into a system like Salesforce E-Commerce Cloud is an interesting challenge. It’s a beast of system. It’s very established, robust and complex. It’s serious stuff. So one of the first things we did was to look for benchmark examples.

To see what brands and websites that had taken this technology, this platform, and created truly exceptional, branded experiences. That was our aspiration for ourselves and for Arnotts. So as a starting point yeah, benchmarking seemed to make sense.


‘Seemed to’ sounds like it didn’t pan out.

Well, it did and it didn’t. What we found was very few brands were achieving anything remarkable. Instead the platform was constricting them creatively. They were system shells. Pure merchandising and little else. The brands, even luxury ones, just poured in imagery, type and colour. It’s a little bit daunting to be honest.

When you see famous brands fall into this trap it certainly gives you pause for thought. Like, if it’s good enough for these big guys…


Why isn’t it good enough? Is it really an issue given Arnotts is a retail brand?

Absolutely. Firstly, a brand should never feel like a passenger on its own website. Premium retail experiences should have depth, not a veneer of brand presence. The UX, UI and underlying technologies need to lean into each other. From a UI perspective, the brand needs to be part of the website’s DNA, it should be a part of the building blocks, not just the paint at the end.

Also, unlike the examples we were finding, we couldn’t rely on seasonal campaign assets to do all the heavy lifting. Instead we needed to have a scaleable branding asset. Something that could work as a building block and extend into a full and rich design language. But it had to be very flexible.

It had to work during sales and promotions, integrate with imagery, act as a texture, be a box, be a pattern, be loud, be subtle, work online, work on social. It had to work for €4k earrings and a €10 potato peeler with equal credibility.

You’re talking about the ‘chisel’.

It’s an awful name for it, but yes.


Where did it come from?

From the store. Literally it came from the physical store. We were looking around for a piece of visual heritage or inspiration to help us. We couldn’t build from the brandmark because at the time that was being redesigned by another team, so we went to the store and just walked around, looking.



What did you see?

Well for the first while nothing popped out. It’s a really interesting building. On the Henry Street side its architecture is Victorian, on the Abbey Street side it was originally Art Deco, but it’s been heavily reworked.

It’s like these two different eras had been smashed together and then hollowed out. But still dotted around the store, from both sides, there was one shape that kept on repeating. This kind of chamfered, or chiseled shape.

So we decided to take it for a walk. I got back to the office with a few sketches and just started to play with it, as a ribbon, a box, a border, as glass, as 3D etc etc. As a creative solution it quickly proved its potential.

In the end I think it worked for two reasons. Firstly, because it was literally ‘of the store’ it reflects, and connects to the physical experience of Arnotts. The website feels like the brand, not an extension of it, or the digital side of it, but just the brand.


And secondly?

It was so simple.

Econsultancy recently shared a post called ‘Four online experiences that impressed me during lockdown (and what brands can learn from them)’ and our client Pet Drugs Online were listed as one of the four.

We’ve worked with this brand for a number of years to reimagine their digital brand experience which led to the design of their eCommerce platform built on Magento.

Considerable thought was given on improving the whole user experience and it was a delight to see the author to pick up on the details we worked hard on and that have delivered such strong results for the brand that made them the No 1 Pet Care brand in the UK.

If you want to know a little more behind the project you can read a more detailed interview on the story behind it all. Alternatively you can view the case study where there’s plenty of lovely pictures of pets.

Whilst we intend to enter some of our stand out work from the last year, we were keen to get involved in events and contribute to promoting Irish design talent at a local level.

This year, the IDI Awards will showcase exceptional design using a digital platform. Awards will cover fashion/textiles, product, digital, visual comms, structures & spaces.

Due to the current pandemic there will be no physical awards event, however that won’t stop everyone enjoying the moment to celebrate the best design work in Ireland with awards announced live on instagram.

Where exceptional design is determined

Our support for the IDI follows on from our recent collaboration with CCSDA on their global Website of the Year Awards, which had over a million visits, to celebrate the best in web design so it’s a good time to follow this on with something local too.

It's time to award those who had the attitude & ability to bring clarity + bravery to their work

Dermot O'Shea Founder - WONDR


For more on the IDI Awards 2020 you can visit the site or search for the IDI on the social channel of your choice. You should also check out the WOTY site here, it’s pretty cool.