11ONZE.cat benchmarked globally by WP Engine

WP Engine have released a global case study benchmarking our work with 11ONZE to build and launch “La Plaça”, the first private social network designed to serve a community’s financial needs.


11Onze.cat, powered on WP Engine, exceeds performance and compliance benchmarks and provides users with personalised, interactive, and educational content that’s blockchain-connected for future growth.

Our goal was to create a new category of social network, a safe and vibrant online community focused on finance and fintech, with the advances of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn wrapped up into a Netflix format.

James Sené Chairman

Where traditional financial institutions create websites to sell products, 11Onze has innovated to create a social network that actively serves the Catalan people and their needs. This ethos of “adding a human touch to digital banking” is what sets 11Onze apart in the crowded fintech space.

Delivered within a four-month timeframe, 11Onze’s Facebook-like PSN, La Plaça, has attracted more than 10,000 members in less than six months, doubling the original target.

Trusted WP Engine Partner

  • WONDR is an official partner of WP Engine
  • We have worked closely with them over the last 8 years to deliver award winning, secure & fast performing websites.
  • We have delivered websites on WP Engine for fintechs, luxury hotels, charities, media companies & global software companies.
  • WP Engine also benchmarked our work for the Irish Heart Foundation.