WP Engine Showcases La Plaça

WP Engine, one of the world’s most trusted WordPress technology companies, have showcased 11Onze’s fintech social networking platform.

La Plaça (The Square) is Europe’s first and largest fintech community, which WONDR worked closely with the 11Onze leadership team to bring to life as well as their retail and business app.

The article documents the momentum of the brand over the past 12 months as it’s expanded its product & services on their award winning platform built on WP Engine.

WP Engine has also received the prestigious ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS) which is used across platforms like La Plaça.

About 11Onze’s La Plaça

11Onze is the first community fintech in Europe to offer its members financial literacy and wealth creation services.

“La Plaça is what makes us unique. It’s an innovative fincom—a fusion of a social network and fintech to deliver community-driven financial services.”

James Sène Chairman - 11Onze

The brand fills a gap in the larger fintech sector with its La Plaça / The Square (private social network), Les Peles (digital currency), El Canut (universal banking super App) and expansive educational library, aimed at educating people with informative content on finance, economics, well-being and sustainability.

With 14,000 members and counting, La Plaça’s content archive has grown to include more than 1,212 videos and 1,131 online posts in three languages (English, Catalan, and Spanish). La Plaça has also transformed itself into an online marketplace where members can purchase products and services, and where they will be able to sell goods and services to other members in the future.