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11Onze, the first Catalan bank in over 100 years, believes in empowering customers through a combination of culture, community and digital engagement. To realise this vision WONDR created the first-ever neobank Private Social Network (PSN) in Europe. Named ‘La Plaça’, the PSN serves to encourage customers to improve their financial understanding, engage with bank agents and learn how money can work for them in very innovative ways.
Our international team based out of Dublin and Barcelona developed the platform to realise 11Onze’s central purpose; the creation of a fintech service that is of the people, by the people and for the people of the Catalan community.
01.Building a unique community


11onze PSN & App

The PSN was timed to launch before 11Onze’s banking app release. This provided the brand with a platform from which to tell their story and engage with customers in the lead-up to the app’s launch. However, in parallel to the PSN, WONDR also were also busy designing the 11Onze Bank App, which upon launch synchronised with the PSN to give customers a truly unique and beneficial experience.


By doing so 11Onze can now offer a fully integrated digital experience through which customers can connect directly with agents, manage their money, learn about finance and be rewarded for their engagement.



02. The Netflix of Banking


WP Engine & Brightcove

The PSN incorporates the latest features from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, all wrapped in a Netflix-style format. In effect, ‘La Plaça’ is a vertical social network about money. As such it is positioned to become an integral part of Catalan’s digital community, where individuals and small businesses can learn, discuss and understand how banks really work. We deployed innovative technologies to bring a genuine consumer experience to the digital banking sector.

WONDR employed WP Engine in order to create a PSN that allows for the addition of third party integrations such as Brightcove, a streaming service that facilitates consumers’ financial understanding and helps them navigate through a world of increasing financial complexity, with ease.




To ensure the content of the platform has depth, breadth and relevance, 11Onze established an sizeable audio-visual department. This talented team write, design and deliver tailored copy and video content in line with a clear, customer-first strategy. Naturally, full sharing, commenting and community management tools are also built into ‘La Plaça’.


03. Unique Learning Management System


Videos & Courses

We also designed and developed a Learning Management System (LMS) – allowing 11Onze to upload a collection of short, targeted videos that cover a range of topics; from finance and the economy to wellbeing and lifestyle. It links customers to bank agents and provides a marketplace for customers to engage in business with each other. It also provides short courses where the customer can learn about a wide range of topics, such as investment or cryptocurrency.




04. A Reward System



As a tangible example of 11Onze’s community-led ethos we also built a rewards’ system whereby users are rewarded with a virtual currency named ‘Peles’. Users receive Peles for engaging, commenting, sharing and completing learning modules. 11Onze aims to make use of new technologies to operate and follow the current economic trends of virtual currencies.

Peles are the lifeblood of interactions within the platform. In the future, these coins, which can be found in a users’ virtual wallet, will be exchangeable for products and services that exclusive to the 11Onze community. They will also be integrated into the 11Onze App.
5. Science Audit & Strategy


11Onze Digital Partners

We used science and analytical tools to make improvements and develop new releases. The saliency map predicts eye fixations on a visual scene taking into consideration neuroscience principles. We had addressed the project of building the 11Onze Private Social Network with a completely data-driven and human first approach.

In addition to this we also provided constant strategic support to help the leadership take key decisions on everything from design through to technology and WONDR continues to be a strategic design partner for 11Onze.


Not everyone has the opportunity to design a Bank from the scratch. This project will have a major impact on the Catalan society and innovation.

Dermot O'Shea Wondr

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