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- Episode Six
- Weavr
- Vacuumlabs
- Numerous 3rd party integrations

- Honouree
  The Webby Awards
- Best Banking App 
  IDI Shortlist
- Best Finance App
- Competitive Research
- Benchmark Research
- Data Science Audit
- User Experience Research
- Google Analytics
- Hotjar Recordings
- Stakeholder Workshops
- Personas & Empathy Mapping
- Segmentation
- Customer Experience
- User Journeys
- User Experience Design
- Scenarios & Messaging

- User Interface Design
- Art Direction

- Design Support
- Technical scoping
- Feature Prioritization
- Technical Management


11Onze is the first Catalan bank in over 100 years. To realise their vision, the 11Onze management team tasked WONDR with helping them define and realise the entire digital customer experience, including the Banking App ‘El Canut’. This app is the next generation of online banking systems, offering customers the choice of having all their banking accounts in one place – be it France, Germany, the U.K. or Spain.
We’re proud to have helped design and launch a bank with such cultural significance, in a little over one year. The vision we set in the design of the customer app played a role in attracting investors and reassuring them that 11Onze was going to be on the cusp of the latest technology.


WONDR and 11Onze partnered with leading innovation technology companies such as the US-based Episode Six, UK-based Weavr and Vacuumlabs  based in the Czech Republic to deliver the 11Onze banking app ‘El Canut’.



The app allows customers to manage all their payments, transfers, savings and loans from a single log-in. A one-stop-shop bank account.

01. LAB+ User Experience Design & User Interface


Design system.

WONDR created an atomic design system that acts as a living organism to connect design and code efficiently. This approach enabled global teams to work flexibly, smarter, faster, and synchronised, leading to reduced time, cost and effort on the implementation. The deliverables were comprehensive, a set of guidelines and design tokens, UI kits, component libraries with code and documentation ready for scalability.

02. LAB+ Concept Designs with Impartial Accuracy


Using Science in Design.
LAB+ stage. 

Through our LAB+ stage, we finalised the wireframes and workflows for all the features through accelerated transformation, rapid definition, research and prototyping. We created illustrations and assets to set up visual design concepts, accompanied by moodboards to illustrate our vision for the future style of the product. Thanks to this process, all stakeholders could interact, interrogate and understand the vision and ambition of each deliverable.


As we explored concepts we periodically measured visual engagement by employing specific neuroscience and AI tools. This assisted us in identifying attention zones and unlocked impartial data-driven decisions that helped us optimise conversion funnels. Through this technique our design sprints became more efficient while also reducing technical debt during the BUILD stage.



04. LAB+ User first


User-Centric Design.
First Neobank to Understand User Testing.

We designed with an almost obsessively user-centric design approach. We attentively listened to real people to create a product for the real-world. This is the first time that a neobank has used open qualitative & quantitative user testing to gain insights from their segmented audience.



The result was real and actionable feedback – validation of new features and user experience assumptions, usability and readability.


Fully responsive.

Adaptable to user needs.



05. App Integration with a Private Social Network

More than an App.
A Community.

11Onze is the first neobank offering a unique experience to their customers, through the first Private Social Network designed to serve the financial needs and of the Catalan people, as well as empowering them through financial literacy.




WONDR created this Private Social Network named ‘La Plaça’ by pushing the limits of WP Engine technology and Brightcove. By providing insightful information about finance, investment, savings, the economy and sustainability, users can start their journey towards personal financial sovereignty.
06. The gamified e-banking


Rewarding Customers.

11Onze has embraced gamification as part of its strategy to increase loyalty and provide tangible value to its customers. Every time a user interacts with the content, takes a short course or watches a full video they earn ‘Peles’, a future cryptocurrency that 11Onze has created and that we have helped bring to life.




This mutually beneficial interaction is central to 11Onze’s purpose and a compelling proof-point that a bank which is built upon an ethos of community and that roots itself in culture can truly be a force for good in the financial sector.

WONDR has turned Beauty, Simplicity, and Usability into Science. At 11Onze, we have serious doubts about the terrestrial origins of this crew. You simply cannot find a better partner to implement your vision.

James Sène 11Onze
Founding President

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