Irish Heart benchmarked globally by WP Engine

WP Engine have released a global case study benchmarking our work with the Irish heart Foundation on their website.


The charity plays a leading role in improving the cardiovascular health of people living in Ireland so they do not experience disability or die prematurely from heart disease, stroke and other blood vessel diseases. They do this through health promotion, advocacy, research and pre-hospital coronary care.

They needed a website that would have a bigger impact and encourage donations. Working closely with ourselves, we defined their digital strategy resulting in a new revamped website experience that was built using WordPress & powered by WP Engine.

The site was designed with an editorial system using components, allowing the team to customise and create bespoke user journeys to meet all the demands of the public and their own stakeholders. Previously the charity commissioned bespoke micro-sites for each campaign, so the new site was built with campaign tools enabling them to publish their campaigns quickly on the main site and without the need to spend on additional development costs.

The site also included a learning management system to enable the charity to publish courses which teachers and students could access to register for courses, track their progress and collect their certificates. WONDR also built a custom API for ThankQ, which is a global charity CRM that gathers all information about donors.

We use ThankQ with an independent payment gateway that was developed using both Stripe and PayPal’s Braintree. We chose Stripe and Braintree because they were mobile first and had scalability, and could take a lot of traffic

Peter Delaney Director of Product

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  • WP Engine also benchmarked our work for 11Onze’s Private Social Network.