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Championing Design
Across Ireland.


Design & Craft Council Ireland (DCCI) serves as the national agency for the commercial development of Irish designers and makers, stimulating innovation, championing design thinking, and informing Government policy.


However, their existing website suffered from being overly complex, with fragmented user journeys, disorganised content, and a lack of user focus.

"The digital system is getting in the way of the mission and the sheer creative quality of Irish crafts. It’s like a dirty old bus filled with fantastic contemporary art."

Strategically Creative,
Creatively Strategic.


DCCI sought WONDR’s expertise to create a centralised hub that would streamline their online presence, enhance user experience, and effectively aid them in delivering on their vision, that Ireland be recognised and valued for its culture of design and craft.


WONDR initiated the project by conducting in-depth research and analysis, gaining a deep understanding of DCCI’s objectives, target audience, and industry landscape.

With an audience-first approach, WONDR identified the pain points and prioritised strategic pillars to guide the redesign process.
These pillars included creating a seamless customer experience, reducing future costs, demonstrating advocacy and education, and differentiating DCCI’s sub-brands.

User Experience.


To ensure an effortless user experience, WONDR restructured the website’s information architecture (IA) with a clear audience-first approach. By aligning the IA and navigation to user needs, WONDR eliminated complexity and improved user journeys.

The site’s menu and navigation were streamlined and structured logically, reducing confusion and creating clear paths for visitors to join and engage with DCCI.
One of the benefits of surfacing content in the way we have, users can navigate through the entire site without ever touching the menu.

Visual Design.


Recognising the power of visual appeal, WONDR introduced a cohesive visual language and styling that enhanced DCCI’s brand ownership of the digital experience.


Through strategic use of images, videos, and editorialisation techniques, WONDR transformed the website into a visually engaging platform, showcasing the creative quality of Irish crafts and reinforcing DCCI’s vision that Ireland is recognised and valued for its culture of design and craft.

WONDR addressed the challenge of scattered and duplicate content by streamlining and surfacing relevant information.


Extensive content auditing and optimisation efforts ensured clarity, reduced text-heavy layouts, and emphasised storytelling through captivating narratives.
The result was a content-led approach that demonstrated DCCI’s constant activity, advocacy, and educational initiatives while showcasing the work of DCCI’s members and makers.


The directory is much more visually engaging and celebrates the creative work of DCCI and its members.

Delivering a

Future-Proof Council.


DCCI’s enhanced online presence allows them to effectively showcase the depth of design and crafts in Ireland to all stakeholders, including the Government.


The site is built on a flexible & accessible enterprise-ready technology that will ensure the DCCI is future-proofed for innovation allowing them to host their activation and campaign websites for sub-brands like Design Week and Future Makers through one system, thus saving time and reducing future costs.

Through a collaborative partnership with WONDR, Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) successfully transformed their digital home into a visually impactful, user-centric platform.


WONDR revitalised DCCI’s online presence, strengthening their brand reputation by showcasing how DCCI delivers for the whole sector by owning and promoting the entire industry and highlighting champions of design across Ireland.

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