The Future of Interventional Cardiac Imaging.

LUMA Vision (formerly One Projects)


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- WP Engine
- Blender 3D

- Winner of Platinum Award
  Best Biotechnology Website

- Benchmarks and best practice examples 
- Concept Design & UI Prototype 
- Design Presentation 
- User Testing 
- UI Library & Documentation
- Competitive & Benchmark Research
- User Research
- Brand Workshop
- Naming & Brand Architecture
- Brand Visualisations
- Personas & Empathy Mapping
- Customer Experience & User Journeys
- User Experience Design
- Tone of voice
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- User Testing
- Website Design 

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- CMS training for LUMA Vision users

Saving Lives Through
Exceptional Accuracy.


LUMA Vision are a medical device company, whose mission is to build a future in which Cardiologists & Electrophysiologists have an absolute, evidence-based understanding of their patient’s well-being through innovative healthcare technologies & devices.

Creating a Brand
With Purpose.


LUMA Vision embarked on a transformative journey to launch a new brand that represents their overarching ethos and their groundbreaking products, such as VERAFEYE, which enables personalised patient therapy in real-time through advanced 4D digital imaging and navigation.


The brand project aimed to reflect their commitment to innovation, differentiate themselves in the market and align with their vision of leading the industry forward.

A Brand Identity
That Represents.


LUMA Vision sought a brand identity that would effectively communicate their mission, engage stakeholders, and provide an intuitive user experience on a new website. They needed a comprehensive solution that not only showcased their advanced healthcare technologies and the scientific credibility behind them but also facilitated their goal of expanding into global markets.

WONDR was entrusted with LUMA Vision’s brand journey.
Together, we identified the target audience, defined the brand’s unique positioning, and defined brand behaviours and messaging.
Through our collaborative process the WONDR design team worked closely with LUMA Vision founders Fionn Lahart and Christoph Hennersperger to create a brand that captured the essence of LUMA Vision.

Trusting The
LAB+ Process


During the naming process, a challenge arose as a suitable name for the brand had not yet been decided upon. With an unmovable deadline, the project couldn’t wait.


WONDR faced this obstacle head-on by initiating the design process without a brand name, using our innovative LAB+ approach.


This enabled us to develop a brand identity and design system that aligned seamlessly with the brand’s vision and values. As the name and the design were built upon the same strategy and positioning, when the name was decided upon, it would fit into the brand world like the final piece of a puzzle.

Strategically Creative,
Creatively Strategic.


Through the LAB+ process, WONDR conceptualised a design centred around the concept of dimensional data and insight. This was visualised by layering panels to create the perception of depth. This approach was equally effective across digital and print media, and was adaptable, allowing us to create an ownable design system and a unique way of treating imagery.

The LUMA Vision

Name is Revealed.


In parallel, the client team had worked through the WONDR naming process, and had landed on the name ‘LUMA Vision’. As expected, the new brand name fit perfectly into the brand world. With the brand design in place, WONDR commenced the development of a website that perfectly complemented the newly created name and branding.

The Brave New World
of LUMA Vision


WONDR successfully delivered a new brand name, positioning, and a comprehensive digital ecosystem for LUMA Vision. The newly developed website plays a pivotal role in explaining LUMA’s product offerings and clearly communicating the benefits they bring. The site effectively showcases the professionalism, scientific credibility, and company culture of LUMA Vision, preparing them for their planned expansion into the US market.

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