Rapid Innovation with LAB+

LAB+ is a quick and cost-efficient stage that allows us to create a tangible future for your business by setting the digital brand vision, rapidly innovating and designing tappable prototypes that are fully user-tested and ready for market.

LAB+ is an important process for business owners who are looking to accelerate innovation, de-risk their investment or launch a completely new idea into the market.

Our LAB+ model has been recently used to:

  • Define the launch experience of a fintech brand in Barcelona.
  • Improve conversion rate of car insurance quotes in Ireland
  • Increase the conversion rate for an e-Commerce brand in Ireland, Canada & New Zealand.
  • Launch a new customer login portal in the UK
  • Evolve the experience and offering of investment products in Ireland

We customise LAB+ to suit the nature of business, team structure and brief to ensure success.

Onboarding & Research

To ensure all decisions are data-driven we evaluate the existing experience, provide benchmarks, create personas, define user flows, evaluate heat map recordings, analytics and brand guidelines.

Issues & Opportunities Workshops

Set a clear roadmap for innovation based around customer needs and extracting internal knowledge from client teams, business requirements and available technologies.

AI User Testing

As part of our process we use AI tools to provide us with an accurate understanding of user attention when evaluating proposed designs.

Concept Design & Rapid Prototyping

Creation of a clear vision for the product, including a tappable prototype of key screens.

Concept Videos for stakeholder engagement

Development of a mood video and a presentation for stakeholder engagement and project buy-in.

Live User Testing

Web-based user testing of the concept with the target audience. Based upon our findings we will supply a detailed report and make recommended optimisations to the final designs to ensure the design is ready for market success.

Our modular process has been designed to accelerate innovation and creativity for businesses and brands around the world.

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