Award Winning Design delivered with CRAFT

In CRAFT we implement and fine tune the UX/UI designs from LAB+ Stage across all customer flows and pages.

Mapping Complete User Flows

Our experienced UI and UX design team will map out each user flow in detail so we can be sure that each step of the journey has been given consideration for all personas and user types.

Design Detailing

All agreed upon user flows, templates, pages and components will be designed in line with LAB+ Stage design solutions.

Motion Design

Where applicable and in consultation with Applied we will look to implement limited but engaging motion design.

Confluence Documentation

In consultation with either your IT team, Tech lead or development partner we agree on the optimum format for documentation. Typically people prefer confluence with all assets detailed in order to ensure development sprints can be planned at epic and story level before beginning.

Our modular process has been designed to accelerate innovation and creativity for businesses and brands around the world.

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