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ESB Energy

- User Research
- Digital Brand Development
- Digital Guidelines
- User Experience Design
- User Testing
- User Interface Design
- Prototypes
- Front-End Design
- Product Management

- CMS: 
SiteFinity 10
- ASP .NET Core
- Net Core 2.1
Microsoft Azure Cloud PaaS
- Visual Studio 2019
- SQL Server
- Management Studio

In 2018 ESB Energy identified an opportunity to enter the UK Energy market with a consumer-led, digital-first brand, offering competitive pricing supported by excellent service, transparency and innovative digital solutions.

01. Creative Strategy & Brand Language


Experience led
Brand Expression.


In order to realise this opportunity the new brand needed to create a 360° digital experience that engaged, educated, converted and empowered consumers. Setting the ESB Energy as a digital-first experience allowed the business to do so in a cost effective and perpetually innovative manner.

The initial development focused on developing the brand for digital and bringing the experience to life through three core deliveries, the Brochureware website, the Explore & Quote engine and the self-service Customer Portal.
We also updated the brand, starting with the original ESB wave. This brand asset was reimagined and animated to create a more contemporary, lively and consumer-facing expression for ESB Energy. To achieve the full effect we collaborated with 3D experts, Street Monkey.
02. Brochure Website


Establishing ESB Energy’s digital home.


We designed a fresh, on-brand digital experience to clearly communicate brand positioning and offerings. This provided us with a platform through which to build trust and engagement with potential customers.


The core function of the brochureware site was to assist in increasing sales through awareness, present value messaging through clear tariff merchandising and communicate frictionless switching.
It also directed visitors towards the Explore & Quote engine to drive conversions and grow the customer base.
03. Explore & Quote


Constant Refinement.
Compelling Conversion.


Explore and Quote is the engine that drives business growth through customer acquisitions. It provides price comparisons, quotes and ultimately, conversions. We also understood it was a vital reputation building experience.

Through constant refinement we collaborated with ESB to create an easy, seamless user journey that begins the switch process and delivers the first brand contact for many of our customers.
At a practical level the project team had to ensure accuracy by connecting journey and data to appropriate technologies. Our key metric was completion rate, in effect the percentage of customers who complete the on-boarding (entering personal details) through to receiving a quote.

Quote process completion rate


Average monthly online sales


Increase in traffic over 1 year

Realising how much higher sales conversion was for customers who compared with current supplier versus those who did not, drove enhancements that strongly encouraged all customers to compare via copy and layout.

James Reilly ESB Energy
Customer Experience Manager
05. Customer Portal


Putting Customers in Control.


Our final core task was to design a portal that empowers customers to effortlessly manage most aspects of their account, thereby reducing the demand on call centre staff. In doing so was also ensured the Customer Portal had the flexibility to present different messages depending on customer status.



Of customers have online accounts


Meter readings received (80% through the portal)


Customers logins each week

It is fair to say that the business would simply not be able to grow as quickly as we have if Digital was not performing.

Tom Bean ESB
General Manager

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