Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) & its Foundation (TUHF) have launched a new brand to help deliver innovation in the Med Tech space.

The Innovate Health Tallaght University Hospital brand’s aim is to attract both domestic and international investors/partners to allow the centre to continue its work.

Originally launched in 2021, Innovate Health TUH aims to attract potential investors and partners in a competitive market which includes household names like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School and Stanford Medical School.

To reflect the ambitious nature of this funding drive, the new brand and website were launched by Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar T.D. at an event hosted by Tallaght University Hospital Foundation (TUHF) in the Museum of Modern Literature (MoLI) in September 2022.

The event brought Ireland’s foremost business leaders, policymakers, and health innovators together to mark Innovate Health TUH’s first year in establishing and growing Tallaght University Hospital’s ‘Innovation Model’.

Developing a global brand with substance

Named ‘Innovate Health Tallaght University Hospital’ the innovation centre’s singular aim is to revolutionalise healthcare here and across the globe.

This new breed of MedTech will facilitate idea generation, problem-solving and implementation while focusing on key areas such as brain health, chronic diseases and ageing. By combining new ideas with digital health technology they will enhance the delivery of healthcare. In doing so, Innovate Health TUH will provide better outcomes for patients.

Working closely with Ringers, a new digital brand, positioning, visual language and website was delivered for Innovate Health Tallaght University Hospital.

The new website encompasses the brand vision, the depth of expertise in the innovation centre’s team leadership and the centre’s success to date. The digital product profiles alumni technology ideas and partnerships and gives clear and concise access to stakeholders on how they can work with the brand.

By utilising aspects of the hospital’s heritage and reputation, we created a living, breathing innovativion brand that communicates ambition, experience and expertise.

Oisín Hurst WONDR
Brand Director

Radiocentre Ireland has been launched to promote the effectiveness of radio/audio to brands, advertisers and agencies in the Republic of Ireland.

Radiocentre Ireland,a newly formed body brought together by RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, teamed up with ourselves to develop a vibrant digital brand launch that could be used across web and physical events to enable them to showcase the power of radio & audio as a medium.


Ciaran Cunningham - Power of Audio Event


With over 3.2 million Irish adults listening to the radio every single day, the brand led with a more youthful visual language to better reflect the changing demographics of listeners across Ireland.

"Audio is theatre of the mind, there are endless ways to create something unique that resonates with audiences of all ages."

Ciarán Cunningham CEO - Radiocentre Ireland

Bespoke Irish Research

In an era of endless choices for brands & agencies to spend their marketing budgets, Radiocentre Ireland will be commissioning bespoke research to measure the effectiveness of radio & audio in Ireland to demonstrate its return on investment.

According to similar studies in the UK, for every £1 spent by advertisers on radio & audio, on average they get a return on investment of £7.70. The Irish research will look to validate, measure and build trust in the medium to help increase its share of marketing budgets.




The site provides access to special events, latest trends & research reports in order to provide a depth of trustworthy information for brands, advertisers & agencies on the reach and impact of radio & audio as a marketing medium across Ireland.

WONDR està orgullós d’anunciar el llançament de La Plaça de 11Onze, la primera xarxa social privada dissenyada per atendre les necessitats financeres del poble català.

Treballant en estreta col·laboració amb 11Onze, l’equip internacional de WONDR amb seu a Dublín i Barcelona, ha desenvolupat una plataforma social per assolir l’objectiu central: la creació d’un servei fintech fundat i construït pel benefici de la comunitat catalana.
Mentre que les institucions financeres tradicionals creen plataformes digitals per vendre productes, 11Onze ha innovat per crear una xarxa social que serveixi activament el poble català i les seves necessitats. Aquesta diferenciació és el que defineix 11Onze.

El Netflix de les Fiances

“La Plaça” permet als clients tenir el control de les seves finances. A través de la plataforma, les barreres institucionals tradicionals s’han substituït aportant transparència i simplicitat en l’experiència. Els usuaris poden contactar directament amb els agents i poden veure el procés de selecció que es va realitzar a 11Onze.
“La Plaça” també és una extensa font de recursos, on els clients reben consells i visualitzen contingut útil a través de lliçons i vídeos. Es proporciona informació detallada sobre finances, inversions, estalvis, economia i sostenibilitat per tal que els usuaris puguin iniciar el seu camí cap a la sobirania financera personal.
Com s’espera d’una xarxa social, els usuaris poden comentar, marcar el contingut que els agrada, compartir articles i opinions. Respecte a la configuració de la plataforma, l’accessibilitat a la informació i el disseny impulsat per la intel·ligència artificial han ajudat a crear una experiència que s’adapta a cada individu i a les seves necessitats.

11Onze vol anar més enllà del que ofereixen les institucions financeres tradicionals per oferir allò que els clients esperen.

Diarmuid Ó Sé WONDR

Com Cap Altre

11Onze vol anar més enllà del que ofereixen les institucions financeres tradicionals per oferir allò que els clients esperen, proporcionant-los una comprensió única i profunda de les seves finances, la nova economia, la sostenibilitat i l’ètica.
El resultat és una experiència digital totalment innovadora que uneix les necessitats dels usuaris, els requisits empresarials i la tecnologia d’una forma en què les institucions financeres i els clients no havien vist mai.

WONDR are proud to announce the launch of  La Plaça from 11Onze, the first private social network designed to serve the financial needs of the Catalan people.


Working in close collaboration with 11Onze, WONDR’s international team based out of Dublin and Barcelona have developed a social platform to realise 11Onze’s central purpose; the creation of a fintech service that is founded, built around and for the benefit of the Catalan community.


Where traditional financial institutions create websites to sell products, 11Onze has innovated to create a social network that actively serves the Catalan people and their needs. This ethos is what sets 11Onze.

The Netflix of Finance

“La Plaça” enables customers to take control of their financial destiny. Through the platform, institutional barriers have been replaced with transparency and clarity. Users can engage directly with brand ambassadors and are able to see the selection process of 11Onze agents.


“La Plaça” is also an expansive resource, where customers receive advice and view useful content through short online lessons and videos. By providing insightful information about finance, investment, savings, the economy and sustainability, the users can start their journey towards personal financial sovereignty.


As would be expected on a social network, users can comment, like and share articles and opinions. Behind the screen, informational accessibility and AI powered design has helped create an experience that shapes around the individual and their needs.

11Onze believes in going beyond what traditional financial institutions offer to deliver what customers expect.

Dermot O'Shea WONDR

Like No Other

11Onze believes in going beyond what traditional financial institutions offer to deliver what customers expect, by providing them with a unique and deep understanding of their finance, the new economy, sustainability, and ethics.


The result is a fully realised and innovative digital experience that places user needs, business requirements, and technology in tandem step with each other in a way that banking and customers have never seen before.

Optily (formally Bionic) is the only single-click ad spend optimizer for eCommerce. Their platform assists eCommerce businesses in spending smarter with instant recommendations across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube & Google Display Network.

To help them launch this innovative new platform and expand into the US market, the team at Bionic tasked WONDR to help them realise a 360° rebrand, encompassing naming, identity, visual language and digital experience.

We've been collaborating with Optily for a while now, so we know well what the product can do for brands. This made it easier for us to deliver a new platform that will help them expand globally.

Oisín Hurst Director of Brand Strategy

The result is a new digital platform that has been built on WONDR’s CMS which enables the Optily team to editorialise their site as they see fit. WONDR also provided a design system that inspired and guided Optily’s internal teams. It is now used as a guide to design their wider suite of products, from videos to social advertising.

You can see the full details of the project here.

We designed a new application tool to manage the power grid as well as trade electricity in real time. This best-in-class monitoring interface allows ESB plant managers to update themselves on the commercial position of their plants in a clear, quick and accurate way.



We worked closely with the leadership team to define the product using our design sprint methodology, resulting in a high fidelity prototype fully user tested and validated. We went onto do full product definition, design & development phases. This product manages complex data so the key was creating an interface that simplified but also allowed managers to deep dive where necessary.



The application is now live and being used by power plant managers across Ireland.

Peter McVerry Trust is a national housing and homeless charity committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by substance misuse and social disadvantage.

This is a cause close to our hearts, so we were delighted to collaborate on a project that would make a difference to help them increase their digital fundraising. We worked with the team to reimagine their website with a focus around stories and putting people at the heart of the message.

We worked closely with the client team through discovery sessions to gather insights and define technology needed to make this happen. We worked through UX/ UI design phases and we trained the team on how to pour content into our custom-build CMS.

Digital donations through the website have never been higher, and we are proud to be part of the effort to help society’s most vulnerable.

Hopefully you appreciate the work and will donate to Peter McVerry Trust who will continue to help those in need during this Covid crisis. 90% of your donation is used for services.

Experience is everything. This is the brand promise of The Loop, the Irish-owned travel retail company. They appointed us to refresh their eCommerce experience to drive online traffic and revenue. 

Dublin Airport saw a total of 32.9 million passengers in 2019, so converting those in-store browsers to online shoppers is a key challenge The Loop wanted to meet head on. 

Our team ran extensive discovery workshops to inform customer journeys resulting in refreshed UX/ UI designs to help increase conversion. These learnings are also reflected in peak-season social activations, tying together the convenience of the click-and-collect service with the wide range of luxury products on offer. 

While The Loop is synonymous with Dublin and Cork airports, we will be helping them to launch new enhanced eCommerce sites for New Zealand and Canada markets as they look to expand their business on a global scale through digital. 

We were commissioned by the Carlyle Group to help them create a digital presence to launch their new Student Living property in the heart of the Liberties. The Carlyle Group manage $217 billion in assets globally and this was an important project for them in the Irish market.

Heyday is located on Carman’s Hall and is only a short walk from most colleges in Dublin. We were asked to take their brand identity and bring it to life through a digital design system which could be used across their website, booking engine, social and advertising.


Simplicity is the holy grail of business – and it takes a sophisticated and special team to recurrently produce simplicity.  With WONDR – there is no overpromising and under-delivering. There is no silly pricing – neither excessive nor low-balled. Instead, there is a fair price for excellent work. If I were asked to capture WONDR in a few words, I’d say simple, elegant, excellence in their field.

Cormac MacGowan Head of Operations
Heyday - Carlyle Group

Cormac added…

I’ve worked with multiple web-based businesses over the last twenty years, from banks to property websites, and from game development to national sports teams.  I’ve worked with lots of different design agencies.

I have never worked with people like the team at WONDR. The team understand business, they understand customers and the interplay between them. This is the secret sauce to business excellence on the web – and I would not hesitate to recommend the team to anyone.

Simply put – they walk the talk.