We’re accelerating global tech brands to utilise digital in order to create cutting edge customer experiences.

We bring clarity to technology products through extensive customer research, enabling businesses to accelerate innovation through brave choices that drive revenue generation and deliver unique customer experiences.

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PCH & Highway1


We were proud to work with PCH to develop their entire digital eco-system which included reinventing the digital experience for Highway1.


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Package Portal

DeFi for Delivery Data

PackagePortal brings Web3 to e-commerce, tracking your delivery to earn crypto. Digital ownership and DeFi to your fingertips.


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"WONDR worked as an extension of our own team. They truely cared about the product and its design as much as we did."

J.G Whitley CEO - Package Portal

Accelerating innovation through Clarity +Bravery

Technology LAB+

Award Winning

Our Technology LAB+ process is a design accelerator that enables businesses to clarify, visualise and market test brave innovative ideas using technology.

Why this process delivers

  • Accelerates innovation
  • Achieves business goals
  • Validates success with real customers
  • De-risks investments
  • Utilises efficiency
  • Validates standards
  • Reduce costs/risks on the development of digital products.

The Outputs

  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Finalised Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • AI User Testing
  • High Fidelity Prototype
  • User Testing & Validation
  • Vibe Video
  • Detailed Implementation Plan

A trusted partner

A trusted partner

Once the Technology LAB+ sets the vision, we can follow through to CRAFT the detail for all user journeys. We can also source, manage & deliver the technology BUILD if required.

Let’s chat

If you would like to learn more about Technology Lab+ or speak to us about a commission please contact:

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