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We know how to make the most of what LifeRay Open Source Technology can deliver for clients.

We’ve worked closely with LifeRay to deliver solutions that have delivered significant revenue uplifts. LifeRay allows for the easy customization and integration with complex systems, it works particularly well for sectors such as banking & insurance who need to deliver robust platforms that sit on scalable infrastructure. It is alo a good option for clients looking to go headless with DXP capability.

Our award winning team will bring clarity to organisations who are looking to transform their customer journeys & increase revenue on a robust & scalable platform like LifeRay.


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30% conversion uplift for KBC Bank


We utilised LifeRay to deliver

  • 30% Conversion Rate Increase
    The new website outperformed the old one with a 30% higher conversion rate, so the project paid itself back really quickly.


  • Call Centre Efficiency
    The call centre staff were saving time because customers gave them the right information.


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“Putting the customer experience at the heart of the plan was my main priority.”

Paul Flynn Head of Digital Channels, KBC Bank Ireland

Globally Benchmarked for Innovation

As well as being benchmarked by LifeRay as an example of global best practice, the site has also been a global award winner for Best Banking Website.

You can view the full project case study here or read more about the client’s perspective here.

How We Partner

Through our LAB+ (Discovery and Definition) phase, our team engages all stakeholders through interactive workshops to gather requirements and tightly define the project.

Why this process delivers

  • Accelerates innovation
  • Achieves business goals
  • Validates success with real customers
  • De-risks investments
  • Utilises efficiency
  • Validates standards
  • Reduce costs/risks on the development of digital products.

The Outputs

  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Finalised Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • AI User Testing
  • High Fidelity Prototype
  • User Testing & Validation
  • Vibe Video
  • Detailed Implementation Plan

A Trusted Parner

A Trusted Parner

Once our LAB+ phase sets the vision, we can follow through to CRAFT the detail for all user journeys. We can also help you source, manage & deliver the technology BUILD.

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KBC Website Case Study