DeFi for Delivery Data.

Package Portal App is an application built on blockchain technology. It allows people to track, validate & rate their delivery through a Web3 platform that rewards them with crypto for sharing their feedback.



Package Portal  

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Package Portal App is a DeFi, a financial application built upon blockchain technology. It enables brands and consumers to reconnect at the moment of delivery through a Web3 platform that tokenizes user feedback for post-purchase engagement.


Shippers and shoppers can provide value to one another while cultivating better service and honest data from delivery partners. PackagePortal’s unique offering enables retailers and merchants to obtain delivery confirmations for a fraction of what delivery companies charge. Users are rewarded for their engagement with crypto called $PORT.


The team launched an alpha version of the app in 2020 to much fanfare with over 900,000 users registering and millions of parcels successfully scanned.

The Ask

Package Portal tasked WONDR with re-imagining the entire experience, which included the introduction of new features designed to incentivise user engagement. The key features of the Web3 application included User KYC verification, Zil Wallet connections, package upload via form or scanning of bar codes, swapping/staking of PORT CryptoCurrency, improving Crypto flows and improving the reward system.
The new release of the Package Portal App launched in November 2021.

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KYC'd Wallets


Registered Users


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Building a brand benefit
through crypto rewards. 


PackagePortal reconnects brands and consumers at the moment of delivery. This is achieved by rewarding consumers for honest delivery confirmations, survey participation and feedback.


To deliver on such a compelling and fresh proposition WONDR collaborated closely with the Package Portal team. We understood the importance of the offering and what a fundamental shift it provides e-Commerce brands. By providing crypto rewards, Package Portal converts virtual currency into actionable data for clients.


Together we defined and consolidated the entire Package Portal user experience. Through WONDR’s Lab+ methodology we undertook extensive product definition, user research, rapid design and product ownership of the development life cycle. This approach encouraged engagement within the Package Portal team throughout the project’s lifecycle. WONDR empowered them with knowledge and insights to challenge the UX/UI and features before they were released to the public across their social channels.


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Human-First Design.


Features include a user-friendly design, shipment list and tracking tools, shipment management self-entry form and an improved scanner, which is compatible with integrated merchant shipments. What distinguishes Package Portal from its competitors is that they provide returns for any PORT token holders.


Extensive metadata for analysis generated by each interaction on the app can be used by any e-commerce merchant or global logistics courier. This provides them with insights into realtime, verifiable, immutable recordings of proof of receipt and customer feedback. Whether the user is an enterprise who engages in e-commerce or a consumer who buys goods online, Package Portal has an innovative, value-add experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the market. 




First DeFi to Use AI User Testing.
A Unique User Journey. 


The most recent app updates included features to improve the user experience. These updates followed an in-depth process involving research and application of the underlying app technologies including Web3 platforms, KYC verification, Zil Wallet connections, DeFi for Delivery Data and React Native Design System. WONDR de-risked design by evaluating current and future iterations through AI user testing and analogue user testing.


To ensure the customer is placed at the heart of the process, WONDR mapped their experiences throughout the entire user journey. The delivery included a video of the design concept for stakeholder engagement and general buy-in, as well as tappable prototype.


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Package portal screen on mobile



Consumer Ethics.
Metadata to Understand Users.


Package Portal’s goal is to empower the consumer and the merchant through a more ethical and transparent process for the parcel delivery. The user should control the delivery company and the data that it shares.


However currently, most delivery companies control the users and data it holds. The Package Portal App contributes to a better experience for users by enhancing transparency through better consumer ethics. In time this data and metadata will drive global logistics efficiencies.



Engaging the community.
Telling the story to a global audience.


Package Portal used the new release of this app as an opportunity to build hype with the global community on the new features and enhancements.  The new release was debuted live on the Zilliqa Observer, across digital news outlets, newsletters and through Package Portal’s vibrant chat group on Telegram with over 9,000 members. The response from the community was immense.


With the positive feedback from the global community, Package Portal went further and broadcast their new release on the Nasdaq Building in Times Square to generate further buzz and hype around the launch of the newly updated app.


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WONDR worked as an extension of our own team. They truly cared about the product and its design as much as we did.

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