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We know how to make the most of what Microsoft Technology can deliver for clients.

We accelerate innovation and transform how companies work and communicate with their teams & customers. As a trusted partner we can help you leverage and maximise the smart use of data and cloud tools built on Microsoft technology. Our award winning team will bring clarity to organisations who are trying to develop bespoke data visualisation tools, customer portals and data warehouses.

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Real Time Data Clarity

Empowering ESB to achieve its Net Zero 2040 ambition through data.

A Single Source of Truth

Utilising Microsoft Power BI and Azure, we created a centralised hub for ESB that provided real-time visualisation of all the energy assets across the island of Ireland such as market price, market dynamics, and what renewables are in the system.


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From top to bottom of the organisation, it’s giving confidence that we can deploy the tools.

Jim Dollard Executive Director - ESB

Globally Benchmarked for Excellence

Along with being globally benchmarked by Microsoft, ESB Real-Time Visualisation App wass a winner at the UX Design Awards, one of the most prestigious international awarding bodies, who honour the impact accomplished UX design has on shaping a positive living environment for all.


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How We Partner

Through our LAB+ (Discovery and Definition) phase, our team engages all stakeholders through interactive workshops to gather requirements and tightly define the project.

Why this process delivers

  • Accelerates innovation
  • Achieves business goals
  • Validates success with real customers
  • De-risks investments
  • Utilises efficiency
  • Validates standards
  • Reduce costs/risks on the development of digital products.

The Outputs

  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Finalised Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • AI User Testing
  • High Fidelity Prototype
  • User Testing & Validation
  • Vibe Video
  • Detailed Implementation Plan

A trusted partner

A trusted partner

Once our LAB+ phase sets the vision, we can follow through to CRAFT the detail for all user journeys. We can also help you source, manage & deliver the technology BUILD.

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