For the second consecutive year, WONDR has been listed in the ‘Top 10 Global Agencies’

Once the main award programme concludes, the Vega Digital Awards select their top ten participating agencies for the honours of being listed in the ‘Top 10 Leading Global Agencies‘.

This list is to highlight the years ‘Pillars of Digital Creation’ to be crowned the best among their contemporaries, showcasing companies that embody the very essence of excellence, culminating from creativity, strategy and expertise.

"Being recognised as one of the Top Leading Agencies across the globe is a true honour and we are proud to be delivering design excellence for brands worldwide"

Dermot O'Shea Founder & MD - WONDR

WONDR has been named #6 in the 2023 Top 20 Leading Agencies, progressing from #10 last year. The Top Leading Agency listing is further recognition for WONDR and follows on from our 5 wins at this year’s programme.


This year we collected awards for:

It is the third year in a row that WONDR has won multiple awards at the Vega Digital Awards for clients across the energy, banking, fintech, utilities, finance, eCommerce, web 3 & insurance sectors, making our total award count 55.

Vanguards of the Digital Space

This year the Vega Statuette has been upgraded to honour the “Vanguards of the Digital Space”

Stoic and prepared, the Vega statuettes exude the very essence of what it takes to be a frontrunner in a digital age. The statuette depicts the figure of a warrior, who’s postured upright with their shield up, ready to take on whatever comes their way.

The statuette’s face is indiscernible under their helmet, signifying how those who go further do not always do so to seek glory.

“With all the noise that riddles the digital universe, salient talents will shine brightest, much like the stars.”

Vega Digital Awards

About the Vega Awards

The Vega Digital Global Awards highlight the vital role of digital pioneers in an ever-changing digital landscape. Organised by the International Awards Association (IAA), the Vega Digital Awards is an Adobe Authorised Affiliate.

This year’s programme had over 1,200 submissions from 22 countries, with a judging panel comprised of over 25 industry experts from around the globe. Clearly demonstrating the influence and reach the awards have in its mission of honouring excellence in the digital industry.

Our collaboration Radiocentre Ireland has won a global award for digital excellence.

The award highlights the vital role of digital pioneers in an ever-changing digital landscape. Out of 1,200 entries, from 22 countries Radiocentre Ireland captured the Gold Award for ‘Best Broadcasting, Radio and Television Website’ at the 2023 Vega Global Digital Awards.

Radiocentre Ireland collaborated with WONDR to localise and develop a vibrant digital brand that could be used across both web and physical events to enable Radiocentre Ireland to showcase the power of radio & audio as a medium.

About Radiocentre Ireland

The RCI website provides access to special events, the latest trends & research reports in order to provide a depth of trustworthy information for brands, advertisers & agencies on the reach and impact of radio & audio as a marketing medium across Ireland. It aims to promote the effectiveness of radio/audio to brands, advertisers and agencies in the Republic of Ireland.

Radiocentre Ireland (RCI) is a body brought together by RTÉ and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) which aims to promote the effectiveness of radio/audio to brands, advertisers and agencies in the Republic of Ireland.

With over 3.2 million Irish adults listening to the radio every single day, the brand led with a more youthful visual language to better reflect the changing demographics of listeners across Ireland.

In an era of endless choices for brands & agencies to spend their marketing budgets, Radio Centre Ireland commissions bespoke research to measure the effectiveness of radio & audio in Ireland.

The Irish research looks to validate, measure and build trust in the medium to help increase its share of marketing budgets.

About the Vega Digital Awards

Organised by the International Awards Associate (IAA), the Vega Digital Awards recognise excellence in various categories, including Websites, Video, Mobile, Social, Animation, Marketing, and Podcasts, while honouring outstanding digital achievements worldwide.

The judging panel was comprised of over 25 industry experts from around the globe who choose WONDR for a total of 5 awards as part of this years programme. As a result WONDR were also selected in the Top 10 Agency list for the second year in a row.

For the third consecutive year, WONDR’s work has been recognised by the Global Vega Digital Awards.

The 2023 Vega Digital Awards has concluded its first competitive season of the year and has announced its official winners, honouring digital media excellence throughout the world.

This year the awards programmes had over 1,200 submissions from 22 countries worldwide. We collected 5 top awards in the categories for Best Website in Biotechnology, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Broadcasting, Radio & Television and Professional Services Website.


The winners were…

Best Biotechnology Website

LUMA Vision won a Platinum Award for ‘Best Biotechnology Website’ at the 2023 Vega Global Digital Awards.

Best HealthCare Website

Innovate Health TUH won a Gold Award for ‘Best Health Care Services Website’ at the 2023 Vega Global Digital Awards.

Best Travel Website

ARI won a Gold Award for ‘Best Travel / Tourism Website’ at the 2023 Vega Global Digital Awards.

Best Radio & Television Website

Radio Centre Ireland won a Gold Award for ‘Best Broadcasting, Radio & Television Website’ at the 2023 Vega Global Digital Awards.

Best Professional Services Website

Org won a Silver Award for ‘Best Professional Services Website’ at the 2023 Vega Global Digital Awards.

But that’s not all…

Thanks to our exceptional performance and remarkable achievements, WONDR has proudly secured the prestigious #6 spot on the highly acclaimed Global Top 20 Agencies List.

Our consistent success in winning numerous awards year after year demonstrates our unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries in our industry. This remarkable achievement is a resounding testament to our unwavering growth and steadfast dedication, solidifying our position as a global leader in delivering top-notch quality work.

"We consistently deliver meaningful business results & creative outputs that are benchmarked globally."

Diarmuid Ó Sé Founder - WONDR

Continued Success

This is WONDR’s 13th Vega Global Digital Award since 2021, showcasing the skill and vastness of our talented team. Winning awards in various industries from MedTech, Energy, Insurance, Services & Utilities, FinTech, Banking & Finance, eCommerce, Social Networking and Travel & Tourism.

In total WONDR has collected 55 Design Awards from some of the world’s most prestigious design programmes, including the Webbys (USA), UX Design Awards (Germany) & the Lau Awards (Spain). Hopefully, these awards are the start of another successful year for us as we move towards our 10th year of business.

It’s evident to us that this season’s winners will be defining and reshaping the industry going forward

Thomas Brandt IAA Spokesperson

Thomas added….

“It is our privilege to honour these individuals who are expanding digital horizons every single day. As they continue to push the limits on what’s possible, we acknowledge and honour these leaders of the digital age.”