WP Engine has released a global case study benchmarking the new brand and website for MedTech Innovators LUMA Vision.


LUMA Vision came to WONDR to craft an innovative brand and website, to enhance its global reach and showcase their breakthroughs in medical technology.

WONDR has been an official partner of WP Engine for over 9+ years, delivering award-winning, secure & fast-performing websites that deliver tangible business results for our client partners, the case of LUMA Vision is no different.

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with LUMA Vision on their remarkable journey. Within a year, they've been benchmarked globally by WP Engine & recognised by the the Webby Awards.

Dermot O'Shea Founder - WONDR

Powered by WP Engine, the new site achieved an impressive 94% Performance score, with load speeds of 205 ms to first byte. Its new look and high performance attracted 13,000 new visitors within a year of the new site launch, with 11k of those visitors finding the site through organic search.

LUMA Vision was selected as an honouree in ‘best website and mobile sites’ at the 28th annual Webby Awards in the very competitive health and wellness category, including Women’s Health, Amazon, Microsoft, Google + Reflex AI, and Inevitable Tech.

We are delighted with the look and feel of the website, which has elevated our brand globally and generated great interest in our work. WONDR are super to work with – the team captured our ideas perfectly.

Fionn Lahart Co-Founder & CEO
LUMA Vision


Trusted WP Engine Partner

  • WONDR is an official partner of WP Engine for over 9+ years, delivering award-winning, secure & fast performing websites.
  • We have delivered websites powered by WP Engine for insurance, fintechs, luxury hotels, charities, media companies & global software companies.
  • WP Engine have also benchmarked our work for 11ONZE, The DCCI and the Irish Heart Foundation.

WP Engine has released a global case study benchmarking the new website for The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI).


DCCI commissioned WONDR to consolidate its wide variety of  separate websites into a unified content hub.

Powered by WP Engine, the project went beyond a digital facelift and ultimately resulted in a strategic overhaul of DCCI’s site, which enhanced user engagement, strengthened DCCI’s brand reputation, and positioned the Council as a champion of Irish design and craft on a global stage.

Thanks to WONDR, we now have an online presence that truly reflects the role that DCCI plays in raising awareness of the vibrancy of the craft and design sector in Ireland.

Suzy O’Keefe Head of Comms & Digital

The new site for DCCI features ‘campaign mode‘,  a unique feature that enables the team to have more bespoke campaign sites within their main site for key programmes like Design Week & Future Makers.



DCCI’s digital transformation, led by WONDR in partnership with WP Engine, marked a significant milestone for the organization.

The project wasn’t only about creating a new website, but crafting a digital experience that mirrored the depth and richness of Irish design and crafts.

We have been given a platform which we, the team at DCCI, along with the designers and makers we represent can be proud of. Our new website is an engaging visual experience that successfully demonstrates the breadth of work we do throughout Ireland.

Suzy O’Keefe Head of Comms & Digital


Trusted WP Engine Partner

  • WONDR is an official partner of WP Engine for over 9+ years, delivering award-winning, secure & fast performing websites.
  • We have delivered websites powered by WP Engine for insurance, fintechs, luxury hotels, charities, media companies & global software companies.
  • WP Engine have also benchmarked our work for 11ONZE and the Irish Heart Foundation.

Hoy, honramos con orgullo el legado de Jorge Luis Borges, un mago inequívoco de la literatura del siglo 20 cuya radiante creatividad continúa guiando e inspirando.

Hasta el día de hoy, la obra de Jorge Luis Borges resuena a lo largo de los años. La insaciable curiosidad de Jorge fue magistralmente canalizada para construir puentes culturales que sirven como fuentes vitales de inspiración, particularmente en el mundo de hoy, conectado globalmente.

Nacido el 24 de agosto de 1899, en el corazón de Buenos Aires, Argentina, conmemoramos lo que habría sido su 124º cumpleaños con un video que captura un reflejo de su trayectoria y conexiones con Irlanda.


Borges ocupa un lugar especial en el corazón de WONDR. Sus exploraciones nos inspiraron profundamente, notablemente su historia ‘UNDR,’ que dio origen a nuestro propio nombre. Su capacidad para fusionar culturas y conceptos refleja nuestra búsqueda de creatividad sin límites.

“Siempre he imaginado que el Paraíso será una especie de biblioteca.”

Jorge Luis Borges Escritor, Ensayista, Poeta y Traductor

La conexión de Borges con Irlanda era profunda. Se sumergió en la literatura irlandesa, traduciendo obras clave y fomentando una conexión entre Argentina e Irlanda. Su participación en la celebración inaugural del Bloomsday en 1982 marcó un momento significativo.

A la buena edad de 82 años, finalmente pisó Dublín, como se recordó en una entrevista con Seamus Heaney y Richard Kearney. Aunque en esta etapa ya estaba ciego, todavía se sentía obligado a representar sus ausentes contornos visuales en su mente, avanzando a tientas por sus calles con su bastón explorador, como el hombre ciego del episodio de las “Sirenas”

Durante 60 años, he caminado por el paisaje imaginario de Dublín.


La importancia de Borges trasciende fronteras. Su pasión por diversas tradiciones literarias y su maestría en entrelazar culturas ejemplifican la universalidad de la creatividad humana. Su legado permanece como un recordatorio de que la narración de historias y la exploración no conocen fronteras.

Únase a nosotros para celebrar la memoria de Jorge Luis Borges utilizando nuestros fondos especialmente creados para este día.

Today, we proudly honour the legacy of Jorge Luis Borges, an unequivocal magician of 20th-century literature whose radiant creativity continues to guide and inspire.

To this day, the work of Jorge Luis Borges reverberates through the ages. Jorge’s insatiable curiosity was masterfully harnessed to construct cultural bridges that stand as vital sources of inspiration, particularly in today’s globally connected world.

Born on August 24, 1899, in the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina, we commemorate what would have been his 124th birthday with a video that captures a reflection of his journey and his connections with Ireland.


Borges holds a special place in the heart of WONDR. His explorations inspired us deeply, notably his story ‘UNDR,’ which gave rise to our very name. His ability to fuse cultures and concepts mirrors our quest for unbounded creativity.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."

Jorge Luis Borges Writer, essayist, poet & translator

Borges’ connection with Ireland ran deep. He immersed himself in Irish literature, translating key works and fostering a connection between Argentina and Ireland. His participation in the inaugural Bloomsday celebration in 1982 marked a significant moment.

At the good old age of 82, he finally stepped foot in Dublin as recalled in an interview with Seamus Heaney & Richard Kearney. Even though by this stage he was blind, he was still compelled to represent its absent visual contours in his mind, tip-tapping his way through its streets with his probing stick, like the blind man of the ‘Sirens’ episode.

For 60 years, I've walked the imaginary landscape of Dublin.

Jorge Luis Borges Interviewed by Seamus Heaney

Borges’ significance transcends boundaries. His passion for diverse literary traditions and his mastery of interweaving cultures exemplify the universality of human creativity. His legacy stands as a reminder that storytelling and exploration know no borders.

Join us in celebrating the memory of Jorge Luis Borges by using our specially created backdrops for the day.

The highly anticipated 26th edition of the Spider Awards is approaching, and this year, WONDR has stepped forward as the sponsor of the Best Digital Brand award.

The Best Digital Brand award celebrates organisations that have executed a clear digital strategy for their brand and achieved their goals.

Sponsors of Best Digital Brand

Sponsors of Best Digital Brand

WONDR’s sponsorship of the Best Digital Brand award highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital space.

WONDR has been making waves in the industry since its launch, with its innovative approach to creating immersive and interactive experiences. WONDR aims to help brands create meaningful connections with their customers, and sponsoring the Best Digital Brand award demonstrates this support for brands that are doing just that.

As a company that's passionate about the role of digital Branding, this year we wanted to acknowledge the excellent work done by fellow Irish brands. Best of luck to the nominees.

Dermot O'Shea WONDR

The Spider Awards

This year marks the 26th anniversary of the prestigious Spider Awards. The Spider Awards recognise excellence in website design and development, and winning an award is an honour in the industry. The judging committee will be made up of Ireland’s leading web experts, business leaders, luminaries and visionaries.

This year’s Spider Awards promises to be a celebration of the best Irish web designs and innovations. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 20th March 2023, and we can’t wait to see who takes home the Best Digital Brand award.

For the second year in a row, WONDR has been named as the Best Digital Product Agency Ireland 🇮🇪 by the Global Prestige Awards 22/23.

The Prestige Awards recognise small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months.

This recognition for the second consecutive year is a testament to the hard work of our dedicated team, who are constantly aiming to create beautifully designed products that deliver results that matter for our clients.

Dermot O'Shea Founder - WONDR

Best Digital Product Agency Ireland


The judging panel selects the winners from over 1,448 entrants based on the businesses that demonstrate the most in the areas of service excellence, quality of the service provided, innovative practices, ethical or sustainable methods of working, as well as consistency in performance.

Global Recognition

Recently WONDR has be recognised by some of the most prestigious award programmes across the globe, along with being globally benchmarked by the world’s most trusted technology brands.


Some highlights include: