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Although most aesthetic clinics offer luxury services, often their digital experiences do not reflect their premium offering. This observation was a critical aspect of the brief WONDR received from Likha Aesthetic Clinic, winner of the Aesthetic Clinic of the Year in 2020/21.


In the clinic Likha make their patients look and feel beautiful. It was important to founder Dr. Juliah Tbarani that this journey started from the moment clients book an appointment or make an enquiry online.


However a balance was needed. Some of the services offered by the clinic are medical procedures and so from the very first interaction it was important that patients feel they are in safe, professional hands.
To identify the optimum balance between medical assurance and premium beauty, WONDR first looked to define the brand positioning, messaging, identity, supporting visual language.


01. LAB+ Positioning & Identity


Accessible Beauty.
Approachable Professionals.


Working closely with our client we identified five clear audiences, as well as their underlying motivations. We then focused on the top three motivations, identifying the most common barriers to engagement. This allowed us to build a messaging matrix designed to help potential clients overcome these barriers.


By starting with the audience, the brand positioning was intuitively shaped around their needs. WONDR collaborated with Likha to write and define an actionable purpose, proposition, brand essence and brand characteristics.

When our reflection matches our spirit and we feel our true selves.

Dr. Juliah Tbarani Likha Founder
We selected “Beauty is a Right, not a Privilege” as our core message. Built directly from the brand’s empowering purpose it reflects Likha’s belief that when we feel beautiful we feel healthier and more confident.
Our understanding of Likha’s audience also informed the creative idea for the brand ‘Smooth Time’, which not only describes the benefit of cosmetic procedures, but the experience Likha provides.

02. LAB+ Digital Concept & Design


Enhancing the
Digital Experience.


Having defined and designed the brand, we were eager to bring these elements to life in digital. As we began concepting our goal was to create a luxury digital experience, placing Likha a step ahead in an oversaturated competitor space.


Through tone of voice and art direction we found a balance between respecting patient’s privacy, while also showing the results of their treatments. This was supported by with first-hand reviews of the outcome and the care they had experienced. We led with a mobile-first approach that integrated AI into the design process. This allowed us to test and evaluate designs in real-time using data that matched user behaviours.


Getting the right team on this project was crucial in ensuring that the people behind the website reflected the main audience. This allowed WONDR to validate decisions on behalf of the majority female demographic using the website.

Ultimately, the website is designed to drive consideration and conversion and it achieved that objective with clear messaging and strong CTAs throughout the experience.

04. BUILD Motion made to emote


100% Premium.
100% Assuring.


As the designs moved from crafted concepts to front-end build we added a refined depth to the experience through interactive and passive motion design. By doing so the experience enjoyed an added character that set it further apart from the competitor set.


The digital experience was balanced by well-informed messaging and an attention to the medical credentials, aesthetic clinic and patient care awards, a key differentiator.


Awwwards Mobile Excellence Awards


Vega Canopus Award


CSSDA Special Kudos

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