It’s been a challenging two years since we last got to visit one of our favourite conferences, Awwwards. We decided to recap on our last visit as we look forward to next years event, fingers crossed it happens.

AWWWARDs was last held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Over two days we heard from designers, developers and studios from around the global digital community, bringing us their insights and opinions on product and experience.


Design Systems

We heard from many people on the topic of design systems. This is something we at WONDR are really passionate about. Designing less for transaction and more for clarity and human experience , in order to secure better conversion is core to our values.

Bravery is something we value at WONDR for every product— setting a global benchmark for our work and communicating a vision to our client partners, like in the case of Pet Drugs Online, where considered design systems were applied to create one of the best performing Magento websites in the world.

Our take? Experiment more, think braver and be better. We have the opportunity and capabilities and visions to create something that goes beyond the template and push the boundaries of what’s possible.




Mobile loading speeds

An interesting point raised, and one that comes up time and time again was around mobile loading times.

We think mobile first here at WONDR and are always conscious to optimise load times but we are wary of media companies who spout scary stats that often don’t take techniques we employ such as lazy loading into consideration.

Blindly following media stats can limit creativity and experience, things we don’t sacrifice. Being clear, concise and useful with our content and prioritising the most important information first is something we practice, so we can be free to create the best experiences for users. So while speed is important, we never abandon creativity or the brand experience.


Never compromise your brand expression

We saw some great examples of how studios are finding some interesting ways to overcome technological limitations. We firmly believe brand expression should never be a passenger to technology. Never give up on your creative idea because with some outside the box thinking it’s possible to find a creative solution for our problems.