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Pet Drugs Online

Pharmaceuticals & Retail
- Digital Brand Strategy
- User Research
- Digital Branding
- Digital Brand Guidelines
- User Experience Design
- User Testing
- User Interface Design
- Product Management
- Prototypes
- Front-End Design
- Social Media Campaigns

- Magento
- CloudFront
- jQuery
- jQuery UI
- Underscore.js
- RequireJS
- Moment JS
- Pure360

Working closely together with the Pet Drugs Online we developed their digital brand & user experience design to help them increase their online revenue with a brand new eCommerce platform.


The result was a significant revenue uplift from investment in the digital brand and strategy in the UK ahead of a European roll out plan. Pet Drugs Online are currently experiencing month on month record growth and anticipate a further significant growth.


Year-on-year growth


Biggest UK online supplier


Best performing Magento site

01. Creative Strategy & Brand Language


Making Pet


As part of the process we helped define the brand positioning of ‘Love Them Well’ and created the brand system for all digital channels. This included brandmark refinement, typography, UI styling, photography guidance, patterns, eCommerce component styling, as well as a complete set of social and video templates.

The ‘Love Them Well’ creative strategy was driven by the simple insight; what defines a pet is their relationship with their owner.
This unlocked a fresh, soft visual approach which differentiated the brand from competitors by focusing on the pet/owner relationship.

02. Defining the User Experience


Research Driven Clarity.


We carried out extensive user research which included GA analysis, user video analysis, stakeholder interviews as well as one to one sessions with customers to establish what works best for the them.


We prototyped fast, tested with the call centre staff and real customers as we went to refine and adapt the user experience.
This was invaluable as it allowed us to make modifications to help us refine the checkout in particular. The financial success today as a result of this, speaks for itself.

Working with a progressive minded culture that Neil has built in PetDrugsOnline gave us the opportunity to demonstrate that setting your digital brand right is just as important as your getting UX journeys nailed.

Dermot O'Shea WONDR
03. Realising the Brand Through User Interaction


Bringing Emotion to eCommerce.


With a clear path set for strategy, architecture, brand and user experience we brought the experience to life in through the user interface design. In doing so we were mindful not to let the visual design dilute the user experience design.


It was always important to set the emotion on the website, through video, imagery, typography, copywriting and colour palette.
At every stage we looked to communicate the underlying brand position of ‘Love Them Well’.

Shortening the prescription journey.

The prescriptions journey was designed to be effortless, using an alphabet shortcut system and predictive search functionality, with UI serving to make content and context clear at all stages.
04. Social Media Campaigns


Social Animals.


Having created a range of templates for social engagement, we were tasked with creating a number of brand and targeted product campaigns. These campaigns proved to be highly effective, in some cases returning over a 2500% return on investment.

We went from 3rd biggest Pet Health Care brand in the UK to number 1 in 18 months. The work we did with WONDR rolled out across every channel from eCommerce to SEO to PPC, from Social to Email.

Neil Fitzpatrick PET DRUGS ONLINE

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