A Definitive eCommerce Experience.


- User Research
- Digital Brand Development
- Digital Guidelines
- User Experience Design
- User Testing
- User Interface Design
- Prototypes
- Front-End Design
- Product Management
- Social Content

- Frontify
- Demandware
- Salesforce
- ASP.net

Ever since opening their brass-clad doors back in 1843, Arnotts has been a landmark Dublin department store with an unparalleled collection of designer brands in fashion, beauty, homewares and more.


When the decision was made to re-platform their website we saw two compelling opportunities: Firstly, to establish a distinctive digital brand for Arnotts to reflect their character and proposition. Our second opportunity was to deliver increased revenues through a complete redesign of the User Experience.

01. Transforming the User Experience


Sales Focused.
User Informed.


Our user experience process included prototyping, testing, developing and designing the complete eCommerce experience. Combining research, UX, UI, prototyping & frontend design, we transformed the Arnotts’ eCommerce into a premium experience.


By auditing, benchmarking and discovery of the Salesforce eCommerce platform, we developed a best-in-class merchandising and selling user experience roadmap. Our strategy and process directly led to increased conversions and revenues.



02. Creative Strategy & Digital Branding


Digital Expression.
Physical Inspiration.


As part of the process we created a brand system and supporting assets for application across all digital channels. This included department patterns, eCommerce component styling, as well as a complete set of social and video templates.

The branding solution came from the creation of the ‘chamfered edge’. This visual device was inspired by the architecture of the iconic Arnotts department store.
It connected all the shapes, styles and detailing of the digital experience with the physical store.

Design eMotion

Motion was a critical factor of our digital branding process. To that end we developed motion design principles for the platform and wider digital experience to ensure a contemporary, elegant experience.
03. Interaction Design


With Character.


Having set the digital strategy, user experience and digital branding, we tailored all templates, components and interactions to carry Arnotts’ character across the entire user interface, from product merchandising through to the all-important purchase journey. Our design work touched on every detail and aspect of the re-platforming project.

The strength of the ‘chamfered edge’ was its versatility. It allowed us to add a scaleable level of branding to every product in the Arnott’s catalogue, creating visual consistency while aligning to product type, department and price range.
Our work was later used to engage with premium brands, such as M.A.C. and achieve their buy-in and presence on the Arnotts’ platform.
04. Digital Guidelines


Cultivating Consistency.
Encouraging Creativity.


All assets, patterns and templates were then made available through a set of detailed digital guidelines. These acted as a bank of digital design assets for the Arnotts’ creative team to easily access, share and build from.

05. Content & Art Direction


From Content to Purchase.


To support the launch of Arnotts’ new digital experience we set the strategy, principles and creative for their first collection of premium social content to channel users to products.




We identified three core roles Arnotts fulfils for consumers, that of being a Curator, an Inspirer and an Advisor. We then designed all content to be strategically aligned these three roles.



This provided structure and criteria for content. In total 17 individual pieces of rich content across all departments. Each piece was created as a microcosm of content.
Social media posts linked to related on-site articles with embedded with product carousels and CTAs. These carousels and CTA’s channeled consumers into a purchase funnel.

I believed in and trusted the people. What was brilliant is they were different to other agencies. They brought everything they were working on back to money and what value it could bring. The money - they knew the before and after.

Sarah Jane Lynch
Head of eCommerce

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