Charity Begins With A Home.

Peter McVerry Trust

- User Research 
- User Experience Design 
- User Testing 
- User Interface Design 
- Prototypes 
- Front-End Design 
- Social Content

- WordPress / WPEngine 
- Stripe 
- Donorbox
- Salesforce
- WooCommerce
- Mailchimp

Peter McVerry Trust, the well-known homeless charity, approached WONDR to reimagine their digital brand experience starting with their website. Homelessness has been a core issue in Irish life in recent times. We wanted to create a platform that enabled the team to focus on telling success stories that encouraged public and corporate support through donations and volunteering.

01. Transforming the User Experience


Donation Focused.
User Informed.


By auditing, benchmarking and discovery of the Salesforce eCommerce platform, we developed a best-in-class merchandising and selling user experience roadmap. Our strategy and process directly led to increased conversions and revenues.


The team had a set budget so WONDR donated a significant amount of additional budget to help them create a channel to help PMVT raise more funds.



The site has generated a 30% increase in donations for the charity.

We created a platform the entire client team could use, with full mapping of internal team workflows to support and power the fundraising engine end to end. To date the site has generated a 30% increases in donations for the charity since go live and continues to rise. We’re happy to have done our bit for this worthy cause.

We focused the site on people and the success stories. Typically with a topic like this it’s very easy to focus on the dark side of this as some of stories can be harrowing. We therefore built the creative around the people who PMVT help and the people themselves within the charity.
Leading with these stories assures donors their money is being well served. In fact 90% of all donations go on core services. We developed the platform with bespoke video content to enrich the experience with genuine stories to illustrate how PMVT’s work helps address with longer term homelessness solutions and not just for emergency situations.
02. Interaction Design


Human Content.
Human Connection.


The site leads with video content supported by a people wall of stories that visitors can explore to get a sense of the great work PMVT does to address homelessness. The creative focus is on large impactful imagery and video content rather than the usual charity approach of child holding cup next to a large donation button.

We also focused on service delivery to ensure the site work well for all audiences. To that end great focus was given to mobile first thinking and allowing people in difficult situations to access emergency numbers and information quickly.
The site was also optimised to perform quickly across all devices regardless of media content. Careful consideration was given to interaction design of galleries, the people wall and video objects to give a modern and accessible feel.

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