Pet Drugs Online

Collaborating to create the highest performing Magento eCommerce experience in the world.

We partnered with the Pet Drugs Online team to help them increase their online revenue. Working closely together we developed their digital brand & user experience design.
1.5 years later Pet Drugs Online are seeing significant revenue uplift from investment in the digital brand and strategy in the UK ahead of a European roll out plan.
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They are currently experiencing month on month record growth and anticipate a further significant growth.

Wondr for me is the anti-agency agency. What I mean by that is they do not do a hard sell merely to get the contract signed and then pass you onto a team who were not involved in the business requirements phase.

Managing Director

Year on Year growth in 2018.


PetDrugsOnline are now the biggest online supplier for Pet Medicines in the UK.


Best performing Magento 
eCommerce site in the world.

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