Pet Drugs Online

Creating one of the highest performing Magento eCommerce sites in the World


Pet Drugs Online 





– Digital Brand Strategy

– User Research

– Digital Brand Guidelines

– User Experience Design

– User Interface Design

– Art Direction & Motion Design

– Product Management

– Social Performance Ad Campaigns


Year on Year growth in 2018.


PetDrugsOnline are now the biggest online supplier for Pet Medicines in the UK.


One of the best performing Magento 
eCommerce sites in the world.

Working closely together with the client we developed their digital brand & user experience design to help them increase their online revenue with a brand new eCommerce platform.

The result was a significant revenue uplift from investment in the digital brand and strategy in the UK ahead of a European roll out plan. Pet Drugs Online are currently experiencing month on month record growth and anticipate a further significant growth.

If you would like to view the full project case study, please email us and we’d be happy to share a detailed PDF with you.

We went from 3rd biggest Pet Health Care brand in the UK to number 1 in 18 months. The work we did with WONDR rolled out across every channel from eCommerce to SEO to PPC, from Social to Email.

Neil Fitzpatrick Managing Director
Pet Drugs Online

Setting the digital brand

As part of the process we helped define the brand positioning of ‘Love Them Well’ and created the brand system for all digital channels.


This included brand mark refinement, typography, UI styling, photography guidance, patterns, eCommerce component styling, as well as a complete set of social and video templates. This set in place a simple set of guidelines for the in house creative team to implement.




Building a richer user experience

We carried out extensive user research which included GA analysis, user video analysis, stakeholder interviews as well as one to one sessions with customers to establish what works best for the them.


We prototyped fast, tested with the call centre staff & real customers as we went to refine and adapt the user experience. This was invaluable as it allowed us to make modifications to help us refine the checkout in particular. The financial success today as a result of this, speak for themselves.

Putting design into motion

Oisin Hurst, WONDR Creative Director says, ‘After we set the brand we created a cloud based tool kit which allowed all of the integration team and 3rd party tools to access one central library to get all the brand assets and styles. This made iterating new features and rollout of front end much faster than traditional methods.’


Setting emotion on the website was important and we did this through video, imagery, typography, copywriting and colour palette to communicate the brand proposition.

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