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Optily (formally Bionic) is the only single-click ad spend optimizer for eCommerce. Their platform assists eCommerce businesses in spending smarter with instant recommendations across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, YouTube & Google Display Network.


To help them launch this innovative new platform, the team at Bionic tasked WONDR to help them realise a 360° rebrand, encompassing naming, identity, visual language and digital experience.

01. Creative Strategy, Naming & Branding


Hidden Gems
Shine Through.


Naturally, the first deliverable for the project was naming and strategy. However, as all businesses were in lockdown traditional naming and strategy processes were inadequate. To overcome this challenge a bespoke, remote-friendly process was developed to ensure stakeholder involvement and buy-in.

Naming workshops (a typically challenging aspect of any rebrand) were run over several short, collaborative sessions using the Miro platform to maximise involvement and transparency.
During this process ‘Optily’, a name that the team at Bionic had included in their original shortlist, shone through not only as a favourite, but as an accurate reflection of the product offering and brand character.

From there the creative team set to work designing and delivering the new brand’s identity, visual language, styles and tone of voice.
In keeping with the name and the youthful , on-trend target audience, a fresh vibrant colour palette, contemporary typography and unique brandmark were created.

Core to the creative concept was the platform’s ability to delve under the vast layers opaque data in order to uncover and present actionable insights.
Building from this product truth the visual language visualised the peeling away of layers to reveal the value beneath.



02. Digital Experience


Delving Deep.
Learning More.


With the name, identity, creative concept and visual language established we then turned our attention to the digital experience. It became clear that this was an opportunity to take our brand concept of delving deeper, and transform it into an engaging, interactive experience.
As visitors land on the site they are encouraged to tap. With each tap more data and value is revealed.
This experience allowed us to effortlessly communicate the brand’s proposition and tangible consumer benefits.



In addition to product, case study and pricing pages, a robust digital publishing system was incorporated into the website.
This provides the brand with an editorialised platform through which to house and share the latest in industry insights and opinions.

Micro Interactions
Macro Emotions

In keeping with the target audience the digital experience was designed to not only to be informative, but engaging and fun. To that end micro interactions and behaviours were incorporated throughout the website.

WONDR navigated our team through a well-structured and effective process that enabled us to collectively develop a very clear and powerful brand identity.

Brendan Hughes Optily
Chief Executive

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