Nine Distinct Practices. One Shared Experience.

Core Media

Advertising & Media
- Creative Strategy
- Digital Brand Strategy
- User Research 
- User Experience Design
- User Interface Design
- Art Direction & Motion Design
- Manifesto Video
- Scripting
- Sound Design
- Installation Motion Graphics

- WP Engine
- SalesForce
- Custom LSM
- Mailchimp
- Cinema4D

In 2018 Core Media initiated the ‘One Core’ strategy, bringing nine distinct media and creative practices together under a single roof. Their new home, the iconic and spacious 1 Windmill Lane is a state-of-the-art space designed for collaboration.


WONDR were tasked with creating a contemporary digital experience and visual language to reflect the tone and character of Core Media’s new home and express the ‘many parts, one Core’ strategy at the heart of Ireland’s largest marketing communications company.

01. Creative Strategy & Brand Language


Creatively Independent.
Cleverly Connected.


To reflect their distinct areas of expertise, each practice required unique imagery. However, in order to capture the ‘One Core’ ethos of collaboration, all images also had to be identifiable as part Core Media.

The solution to this challenge came by transforming an existing visual asset, the dot, into a visual building block.
This allowed us to expand the brand’s visual language into a distinct, flexible system that was created with movement in mind.
02. Digital Strategy, AI & UX Design


Reflecting Physical Architecture
Through the Digital Experience.


From the beginning we understood the importance of capturing tone of Core Media’s physical environment. The spacious and open character of 1 Windmill Lane was integrated into our thinking from the beginning and reflected in our IA structure and UX designs. By doing so we were able to balance the ‘one Core, many parts’ collaborative ethos, accommodating the nine distinct (but related) practices within an appropriately spacious digital experience.



03. UI Design and Front-End Build


Bringing Emotion
into Motion.


Having created a compelling digital brand language and spacious well-considered UX foundations, we then began bringing these same principles to life throughout our UI designs. Central to our designs was the dot motif, which acted as a visual atom with which we brought movement and grace to the experience.


The Devil Dot is in the Details

Every action, micro-interaction and behaviour was considered from layout design through to front-end build. At all times the role of motion design and an acute attention to detail was foremost in our minds.
04. Self Publishing Platform


The Digital Soapbox.


As thought-leaders within the media industry, the sharing of data, insights and opinions was a key component of the digital strategy. To that end we developed a self-publishing platform through which Core Media could share research, innovation, though-pieces and client relevant insights.

In alignment with the rest of the digital experience, the design, attention to detail and styling was of particular focus.
In addition, micro-interactions and shareability was integrated into the platform to create a frictionless, in-depth experience.
05. Manifesto Video


Strategic Intent.
Emotional Content.


To formally launch Core Media’s ‘one Core, many parts’ strategy WONDR were commissioned to create a manifesto video based upon our digital brand language. This involved developing a clear brand narrative, storyboarding and sound design.

WONDR did a great job on designing and building our site. What impressed me most was the way they insisted on meticulously understanding the business strategy.

Alan Cox Core
Chief Executive
06. Environmental Graphics


Bringing the
Creative Home.


The final stage of this project was the development of installation videos which are played throughout 1 Windmill Lane, highlighting the nine individual practices and their common purpose.

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