Reinventing Insurance Online.

FBD Insurance

- Digital Strategy
- Creative Strategy
- User Research 
- User Experience Design
- User Testing
- User Interface Design

- Terminal Four CMS
- Google Font API
- Bootstrap
- jQuery UI
- Modernizr
- html5shiv
- OWL Carousel
- nginx


FBD Insurance is Ireland’s largest Irish owned insurer. For over 50 years they have been protecting Irish consumers, farmers and businesses.


WONDR were tasked with transforming the entire digital platform into a core revenue-generating channel that puts customers and their needs at the very centre of the experience.

YOY increase for online sale conversion rates


Increase in new business policies sold online


Increase for online revenue

01. Digital Strategy, AI & UX Design


Driving Renewals.
Building Confidence.


We helped the team to define the user journeys, renewals experience and product portfolio through extensive customer research and UX design. By auditing, benchmarking and prototyping, we developed a best-in-class user experience roadmap.


Our strategy and process directly led to significant increased conversions and renewals.



02. Creative Strategy & Digital Branding


Protection By Nature.
Branded By Design.


As part of the process we created a consumer-centric photography bank and a wide range of pictograms to create a warm visual expression of the brand in digital.

By simplifying and refining the brand for digital customers are better able to self-serve online.
Not only does this benefit the consumer, it reduces call-centre demand and associated costs.


02. UI Design and Front-End Build


Digital Expression.
Physical Inspiration.


We brought all aspects of our work together through the user interface design. In doing so we were careful not to let the visual design effect the highly-attuned customer journeys and UX design.


Protection Stories.

To reflect FBD’s compelling brand positioning of ‘Protection, it’s in our nature’, we integrated a publishing platform. This enabled FBD to share helpful claims advice, safety initiatives and community programs.

Trust. I know WONDR can deliver what is needed for us. You can’t underestimate trust when working with an agency. We doubled online sales and online revenue. WONDR were undoubtedly a key cog in the wheel to achieve that.

Mark Feane FBD Insurance
Head of Digital

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