Crafting a Prestigious Collection.

Cliff Hotel Group

- Digital Strategy
- User Research 
- User Experience Design
- User Interface Design
- Art Direction & Motion Design

- WordPress CMS
- YouTube API
- jQuery
- jQuery UI
- Modernizr
- nginx
- Apache
- Typekit
- Awesome Fonts



Cliff Hotels operate three luxurious 5 Star Boutique Hotels around Ireland. Famous for their exceptional gastronomy and beautifully keep grounds they are the height of modern Irish luxury.

01. Overview


Digital Luxury.


The role of digital was to translate their premium positioning, refinement and attention to detail into a compelling digital experience for three hotels, Cliff at Lyons, Cliffhouse Hotel and Cliff Townhouse.

Although the underlying technology and components were shared across all three hotel websites, the unique character of each location had to shine through.
The creative solution was refine the graphical aspects of each experience to allow the distinctive imagery and video of each location to set tone and character.


02. The Countryside Hotel


Cliff at Lyons.


We created an earthly colour palette and premium design built around the beautiful rural location and the exceptional cuisine. The ingredients of many dishes come from their on-site gardens, which featured across the website.



03. The Seaside Hotel


Cliffhouse Hotel.


Located on the coast of County Waterford, the vistas of rich blue seas and wind-cut treks became our visual touchstone, not only in terms of imagery and video, but also with regard to colour palette and hues. An elegant editorial layout style was implemented to detail all aspects of the hotel, from rooms, cottages through to their world-famous restaurants.




04. The City Hotel


Cliff Townhouse.


Art Deco in nature, modern in spirit, the Cliff Townhouse digital experience was an opportunity to mix these two aspects of the hotel together. We created subtle graphical touches to nod at the Art Deco interiors of the main restaurant, offset by bright modern colours and vibrant imagery.


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