Introducing U2 by You

We’re always looking to bring innovation to every collaboration that we do through our LAB+ model.

Sometimes we use this model to look at emerging technologies or existing ones that need a transformation and imagine what is possible.

We highlighted the ‘Music Industry’ as an example of a sector that has been digitalised to a point where ‘the soul‘ has been lost.

Recently we purchased a U2 hoodie as part of the ‘All that you can’t leave behind’ 20th anniversary. The customer journey didn’t deliver an exciting end-to-end fan experience. It followed the usual expected e-Commerce journey, no different to purchasing books or electronics online.

It got us thinking that there is a huge opportunity to transform this by creating an immersive experience for bands, teams and sportspeople who have a huge cult following like U2 do.


We ran our own internal workshops and came up with the idea ‘U2 By You’.



We understand the great reach and flexibility digital apps like Spotify bring, however some things have been lost. Our proposition has been designed to bring fans together as a digital community to share experiences, memories, experience exclusive band material and allow them the chance to contribute to a vast neural network of U2 memories from across the globe.

The results of this is an idea that helps to bring a richer experience for loyal fans where they can also watch concerts, listen to the back catalogue, merchandise and tours in a new manner that has never been done before.

We also put together a special landing page where you get a quick overview before downloading the presentation we shared directly with the band themselves, which we received very positive feedback on.

We’re sharing our concept presentation as fans and would love to hear what you think about #U2byYOU on Linkedin or Twitter.