In a thrilling announcement, we would like to introduce Olawale Akigbogun as WONDR’s newest Digital Product Designer.

Wale is no stranger to WONDR, having previously interned with us in 2021. Now, armed with years of experience working with both in-house teams and agencies across Ireland, the UK, Spain, and Switzerland, Wale brings a fresh perspective to the dynamic world of design.

"It was during my time at WONDR that I not only honed my product design skills but also discovered a deep passion for the industry"

Olawale Akigbogun Digital Product Designer

Wale’s journey in design has been nothing short of remarkable. Successfully transitioning from graphic design to product design. Working with a plethora of agencies, both locally and internationally, has enriched his expertise and shaped his unique design approach.

Wale’s portfolio boasts an array of impressive design experiences and projects. With a focus on design systems, he has collaborated with renowned businesses spanning multiple countries. From neo-banks and e-commerce ventures to software companies, Wale’s expertise traverses diverse sectors, showcasing his versatility as a designer.

I hope to progress my career and gain a more extraordinary skill set within WONDR by learning from the outstanding designers we have within the team

Olawale Akigbogun WONDR
Digital Product Designer

Wale’s areas of expertise lie in visual design, where his talents truly shine. However, his design approach is grounded in thorough research, forming a solid foundation for his creative endeavours. With this well-rounded skill set, he is poised to make a substantial contribution to WONDR’s overall goals and objectives.

Always staying ahead of the curve, Wale keeps a keen eye on design trends and technologies. He finds inspiration from platforms like Awwwards, constantly exploring innovations and trends that push the boundaries of design.

Wale’s unique background, diverse experience, and unwavering passion make him a valuable asset to the team. As WONDR continues to shape the future with cutting-edge design solutions, Wale’s creativity and expertise will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in WONDR’s success.