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New Music Festival

- Creative Strategy
- Branding
- User Interface Design
- Art Direction & Motion Design
- Motion Graphics
- Social Media
- Print Design

- AudienceView 7
- Blender 3D
- Strict HTML 4.0.1
- Bootstrap
- jQuery
- Typekit
- Font Awesome



New Music Dublin is Ireland’s foremost contemporary music festival. Curated to be an eclectic and exciting mix of modern musical styles, the purpose of the festival is to inspire ‘curious ears and adventurous souls’. We were commissioned to create the festival branding and digital experience to capture this spirit and audience proposition.

01. Creative Strategy & Branding


Neon Pink.
Nouveau Punk.


Our central creative challenge was how best to capture and communicate the energy and spirit of a festival which crosses all musical genres and tastes. Critically, the festival needed to achieve visual recognition. The answer came to life with the development of a responsive supergraphic ‘NEW MUS DUB’, that could react and reflect the character of each performer, genre and musical arrangement.

This interactive supergraphic allowed the brand to literally shape around any musical piece.
In doing so it paired perfectly to the eclectic and exciting spirit of the music festival.

New Mus Dub comes to life with music, much in the same way listeners do. This became the centre-piece of the digital experience.

Oisín Hurst Wondr
Head of Brand Strategy
02. User Interaction & Frontend Design


Music in Motion.


Having established the brand and the energetic ‘NEW MUS DUB’ supergraphic, we set about creating the digital experience. At every stage the performers and their music were the heroes of the experience, accentuated by motion design, contemporary editorial styles and punchy colour palette.


In developing the frontend a considerable effort was put into pushing the technology and the AudienceView platform as far as possible.
In doing so we achieved a benchmark digital experience for the festival, balancing performer pages, listings and ticketing journeys.

03. Advertising


in Print.


As the final deliverable we were tasked with creating a range of advertising and promotional materials, ranging from social media templates, content and Canvas ads, through to large format billboards. All carried the NEW MUS DUB supergraphic, ensuring brand recognition and instant visual impact.


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