Celebrating Stories from the Cloud.

Google Cloud

- Creative Strategy
- User Experience
- User Interface Design
- Art Direction & Motion Design
- - Development

- Headless CMS
- Web GL
- Core JS
- Plane JS
- Bootstrap
- Blender 3D



The Google Cloud Platform lets businesses build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google. As part of their ongoing engagement with European markets we helped Google Cloud create an engaging, blog based experience to promote the scale and scope of offerings available through their Platform.

01. Creative Strategy & Brand Language


Finding meaning
in the data stream.


The creative idea was unlocked with the realisation that Google Cloud is not made of data or the bytes of binary that speed across the world’s networks. The truth is, Google Cloud is made of client experiences.

These are the real, tangle solutions that impact on businesses and touch lives in profound and effective ways.
In short, the true matter of Google Cloud is customer stories.
02. User Interface and Motion Design


Dynamic data
on the move.


In order to capture the compelling simplicity of our concept we created a dynamic, graphically-led animation, representing each story from the stream as a colourful shard that bursts onto visitors’ screens. Using webGL this animation was extraordinary fast and nimble on all devices.

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