Hola Barcelona

WONDR has always been internationalist in its approach to digital products, hiring staff, and in its outlook – absorbing and drawing inspiration from the best from international design to constantly feed our cultural curiosity.

There’s a lot of synergy between the Catalan people and the Irish people, and as it happens, between Catalonia and WONDR. So we are delighted to be working closely with 11Onze on their launch.

It marks another stage in our development as we deliver a high-profile product into the Catalan region and beyond. Our vision is to work on a series of digital products across the globe from Dublin, whilst providing on the ground team members to support. In doing so we hope to spread our ethos of ‘innovation through clarity and bravery’.

Delivering digital products in beautiful Barcelona allows us to attract an even greater pool of talent & clients.

Dermot OShea Founder
Going beyond Ireland will also perpetually reinvigorate what we do here in Dublin, where we continue to design meaningful products and exceptional digital experiences (dismantling needless complexity as we go).