Changing the delivery logistics industry

We’re super pumped to be working with PackagePortal, an app that is changing the delivery logistics industry by providing DeFI for delivery data.

Many E-Commerce brands experience difficulty with securing accurate and reliable customer delivery information, this app bridges this gap.

PackagePortal verifies customer delivery data by incentivising them to scan their delivery labels, rate the delivery & earn a reward for doing so in the form of a crypto token called Port. With this token customers are rewarded for sharing their data in a secure and safe manner.

WONDR's immensely talented & creative team will totally redefine the experience & feel of the PackagePortal platform.

JG Whitley CEO - Package Portal

Founded by JG Whitley (CEO) & Gabriel Chaney (CTO), PackagePortal launched in March 2020 with much hype and positive reviews from around the world. WONDR will work with the team to design the customer experience for V2 of the app & beyond.

The aim is to evolve the app to be a richer digital brand experience that will bring new possibilities and features for both the merchant and user in the future. We can already tell you this is going to be a fantastic design that will surprise and delight people.

PackagePortal is a genius of an idea & demonstrates how blockchain, DeFi and crypto will disrupt and change business as we know it. We're super excited to get started.

Dermot O'Shea Founder - WONDR

You can hear more from the PackagePortal founders on the launch, the V2 app and their wider future on the The Zilliqa Observer Fireside chat below.