Deep Dive Award Winners

Join us for a live discussion with the UX Design Awards on April 13th, where we tell the story behind one of the world’s most innovative energy products.

Our Product Director, Peter Delaney and Design Lead, Mariana Spagnuolo, will walk a live audience through the award winning Real-Time Visualisation Application to share insights on how we used innovative techniques to design this special product for the ESB.



April 13, 2022

The event will be streamed live on Linkedin and is free to attend.

  • 4pm – Dublin
  • 5pm – CEST
  • 7pm – Riyadh
  • 11am – New York City
  • 12pm – Singapore

"This project brings different tools and solutions together as a single source of truth."

Lisa Gerkens UXDA Jury member

About the Award-Winning RTV

RTV was the recent winner of Best Product at UX Design Awards UXDA22.

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) Real-Time Visualization (RTV) application is a dashboard of complex power generation data from every power station in Ireland, including renewables. RTV facilitates the management of energy generation and trading and allows the business to make real-time decisions for trading energy.

Lisa Gerkens of Forward 31 | Porsche Digital & UXDA Jury Member highlighted why RTV was selected as global award winner…

“At its core lies the stakeholder management to establish clear goals and KPIs, the involvement of different users in the development process (c-suite as well a specialized Engineers) and iteratively validated solutions. Its impact allows a more efficient use of energy. The design puts a lot of attention to visualization according to type of data to enable quick understanding for the user.”