Culture is Creative

Over the last seven years WONDR has grown into a healthy mix of international talent, jackeens and culchies. There’s even a few expats among us. Those who decided to return home but were eager to experience the same cultural diversity that they had enjoyed in London, Amsterdam and New York. 


All of these talented people found a home in WONDR because over the last seven years what has helped us to thrive is our relentless belief in collaboration. A little cheesy? Yes. A lot true? Definitely. 


Collaboration makes things better. But only true collaboration.

Four middle-aged white guys sitting around a table isn’t collaboration. It’s an echo chamber with pastries. True collaboration is an electric, eclectic mix of cultures, accents and opinions. It’s thoughtful logic knocking against instinctive creativity. It’s opinions, neither right or wrong, but different. It’s the moment when a room goes silent as someone presents a unique perspective that nobody else could have possibly considered. Because they’ve lived a different life. They come from a different culture and in turn, they have a different experience of Ireland. 


Culture is at its heart, creative. The more cultures, the more unique experiences, the more creativity. But for all that makes us different, the thing that binds us together is a common belief; design is a profoundly worthwhile endeavour.



We’d like to welcome
newest members
of our team.

Sinead Good
Director of Operations


Helen O’Riordan
Product Manager

Sinead Chambers
Project Manager


Mary Brennan
UX/UI Lead

Lau Canal
Client Lead


Suganthini Krishnan
UX/UI Designer

Olawale Akigbogun
UX/UI Design Intern


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