In business, digital complexity brings uncertainty, diluting good decisions and differentiation.

We bring clarity to every product and project, enabling brands to accelerate innovation through brave choices that drive revenue generation and set them apart from their competitors.

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We’re living through a period of rapid change accelerated by technology.

This creates complexity for brands as they seek out future opportunities. Clarity brings these opportunities into focus.


It is achieved through collaborative thinking combined with insightful discovery and strategy phases that sets a vision and an actionable roadmap for change.

A lot of agencies create complexity because there’s money in managing complexity. We're the antidote to that way of thinking.

Dermot O'Shea FOUNDER

A Culture

of Bravery

To be successful digital change requires brave up-front choices that align brand, people, technology & media.

Business growth comes out of these brave choices. Behind every pixel is a person involved in managing, supporting or operating a product.


We know how to help you get the most out of your brand, people, budget & technology to help your organisation to progress.

The story behind our name

The story behind our name

We took inspiration for our name from a short tale called ‘UNDR’ from the ‘Book of Sand’ by Jorge Luis Borges. UNDR we took to mean wonderment which we shortened to WONDR.

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