A home for Heyday

A new type of student living

We were commissioned by the Carlyle Group to help them create a digital presence to launch their new Student Living property in the heart of the Liberties. The Carlyle Group manage $217 billion in assets globally and this was an important project for them in the Irish market.

Heyday is located on Carman’s Hall and is only a short walk from most colleges in Dublin. We were asked to take their brand identity and bring it to life through a digital design system which could be used across their website, booking engine, social and advertising.


Simplicity is the holy grail of business – and it takes a sophisticated and special team to recurrently produce simplicity.  With WONDR – there is no overpromising and under-delivering. There is no silly pricing – neither excessive nor low-balled. Instead, there is a fair price for excellent work. If I were asked to capture WONDR in a few words, I’d say simple, elegant, excellence in their field.

Cormac MacGowan Head of Operations
Heyday - Carlyle Group

Cormac added…

I’ve worked with multiple web-based businesses over the last twenty years, from banks to property websites, and from game development to national sports teams.  I’ve worked with lots of different design agencies.

I have never worked with people like the team at WONDR. The team understand business, they understand customers and the interplay between them. This is the secret sauce to business excellence on the web – and I would not hesitate to recommend the team to anyone.

Simply put – they walk the talk.