It Takes a Village to Democratise Fintech.

WONDR are proud to announce the launch of  La Plaça from 11Onze, the first private social network designed to serve the financial needs of the Catalan people.


Working in close collaboration with 11Onze, WONDR’s international team based out of Dublin and Barcelona have developed a social platform to realise 11Onze’s central purpose; the creation of a fintech service that is founded, built around and for the benefit of the Catalan community.


Where traditional financial institutions create websites to sell products, 11Onze has innovated to create a social network that actively serves the Catalan people and their needs. This ethos is what sets 11Onze.

The Netflix of Finance

“La Plaça” enables customers to take control of their financial destiny. Through the platform, institutional barriers have been replaced with transparency and clarity. Users can engage directly with brand ambassadors and are able to see the selection process of 11Onze agents.


“La Plaça” is also an expansive resource, where customers receive advice and view useful content through short online lessons and videos. By providing insightful information about finance, investment, savings, the economy and sustainability, the users can start their journey towards personal financial sovereignty.


As would be expected on a social network, users can comment, like and share articles and opinions. Behind the screen, informational accessibility and AI powered design has helped create an experience that shapes around the individual and their needs.

11Onze believes in going beyond what traditional financial institutions offer to deliver what customers expect.

Dermot O'Shea WONDR

Like No Other

11Onze believes in going beyond what traditional financial institutions offer to deliver what customers expect, by providing them with a unique and deep understanding of their finance, the new economy, sustainability, and ethics.


The result is a fully realised and innovative digital experience that places user needs, business requirements, and technology in tandem step with each other in a way that banking and customers have never seen before.